30 July 2014

The Cracked Caludron ~ White Walls

The Cracked Cauldron 2nd installment

The walls are white that crisp almost blue kinda white, as if you have become lost in the deepest parts of the snow, as her mind drifts back to the snow.....the walk the time and the circle come back to remind her......

Snow purest of white, bare feet, 
cold, so cold it is hot

Whites that are blue
Colds that are hot
Moments that are lost

Here in this space and in this time the circle is cast

the chanting begins;

Air is light
light is dark
dark is night
within the walls of white

I call to thee 
oh Mighty one please; 
do what is right
and win the fight

My blood is pure
the answer is the path
healing in ancestral realms is the cure

With each step a decade is cleared
with each moment that passes there is less to be feared

 As darkness falls; Mother calls
Ride your wave my child
wild and free
your heart belongs to me

Your wish I grant
To cause no harm nor return on me
As you so wish I so mote it be

In the walls of white, the spell is cast, what has been called cannot be broken.

Stir the cauldron.....bind the spell. 

All will be well

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  1. Wow! Such vivid words! Living where you are , you would know ! Very, Very! beautifully done! xoDebi