30 July 2017

You Asked the Witch - Where to Start

Welcome to the "You Asked the Witch" feature of my blog! I did receive quite a few questions, many of which I will be going through and answering as the energy calls, but the one that came up over and over is how do I start? I have decided to walk the path of Witch, or like it happens quite often to Witches you found yourself pulled onto this path so now what do I do that I have come to this point? how do I start? For this one I bring a portion of the book I have been working on for a lifetime now "The Cracked Cauldron"

The beginning requires cleansing, much cleansing of all you thought, every preconceived thought and notion about who you are, what you are and about the ego you must leave at the door to your own transformation, ego binds you and limits your magic. Hard as it may be, it must be done a through and complete cleansing of your space, your heart and your spirit. Drop the notion that you know what the next step is, truth is you don't! Put your faith in the Gods if you follow them, your Ancestors and your magic.

Spell to Clear and Cleanse
Start with a traditional White Sage smudging of your space; preferrably sage that you grew and wrapped into a smudge stick yourself but if that is not possible then of course one that is purchased can be used, but remember the magic is very dependant on your own intentions and conviction in what you are doing, so if you want to put a little more effort in you can also purchase fresh sage at a local grocery store and make your own smudge stick for this exercise and spellwork. As well pay close attention to the Moon at this time, to start something fresh like this and begin again, make sure the Moon is in the New Moon station.

Incantation as you smduge your home
Smoke of Sage
Breath of life, cleanse, clear
and make it right

Say this in each room as your cleanse each corner with blessed smoke of Sage.
Run yourself a bath, a very special bath for cleansing, I chose a selection of herbs that I felt gave me the qualities I wanted to bring into my life and topped it off with copious amounts of sea salt, to bring the love of the ocean and Yemaya into my life. In my bath there was basil, white and red rose petals, 3 sprigs of Ruda, 3 sprigs of Cedar and sea salt. If you feel a connection with other herbs or want to pick some for your own reasons  please do so, much of magic is intuitive or at least mine and that is how I feel it should be for us all.

Stand in your bath with a bowl and scoop the water and pour over your head, wash downwards, as you do imagine all the connections, all the things that need to be cleansed away washing down your body and leaving you, do this 9 times each time reciting the incantation;
As I wash it all away
my fears, my ego and strife
I ask to bring in the light
let me see which way to go and end
this to and fro
Set me free
As I so speak so Mote it be

Next prepare a floor wash to finish your cleanse and clear with the same selection of herbs and sea salt that was placed into your ritual bath. To prepare your home take your broom and begin in the furthest room from your home's front door, I started at my back door and swept out each room into the hallway and all the way to the front door, opened it and swept it all out the door. Then wash with the floor wash in the same direction and manner as the sweeping. 

Now all that done you are ready to start over, with your magical life, clean slate and all. You may have to do this again or a variation of this, that is the way of the witch, wards and cleansings are done and recharged through our walk....we are always proactive in our own protection and while this is cleansing it is the first step to protection, and the discussion of that subject will be left for another "You asked the Witch"

Blessings all have a great day! 

06 July 2017

7 Things I wish you could understand

Every so often a post about the things I wish you understood about Chronic Illness floats across my feed, I always read them and nod in agreement sometimes emphatically, with authority as my husband would say....for each of us that suffer there is a new list, there is a constant, and there is a fluctuating need for these posts.....and today I chose to write my own, my list of all the things I wish those around me could understand of course without having to live the agony of being trapped in a body that does not co operate.

1. Yes I am disabled, I may not look it to you, but I am. I have moments in time where I accomplish so much. I deal with my kids daily, I run my own little online business and help my husband with his, but I am still disabled, and the energy it takes me to accomplish what most take for granted is multiplied by body parts that resist changing positions, I am just really good at hiding my pain....because you may not be able to see what happens when I stand, or walk too long does not mean it is not happening to me within my body. I have a disabled parking permit, I constantly have people stare to see if I have it as I park then the look of astonishment hits them, yes I need it, yes I realize you don't see it and I hope you never feel it either.

2. Please stop telling me it could be so much worse....stop sending me links to stories of those that you feel have worse situations and illness' to deal with....I feel for everyone and wish that we could eradicate illness from the Earth, seeing others suffering "worse" than me does not make me feel better, I am an empath and it only makes me feel their pain along with mine.....it is not a competition for who feels worse or has been more affected by dis-ease, to each person that lives with Chronic conditions their life is the most affected by their illness, if you want to find a way to support us then learn about our illness, listen when we need someone to lean on, encourage us yes, don't compare us though.

3. Understand that while Depression may come hand in hand with some dis-ease and for that we should seek treatment but there are other instances where it is the direct result of living every day in pain not because we hate our lives, are unhappy or even have a chemical imbalance as some love to tell me, no anti-depressants are not required, they will not make the pain go away, nor will they eliminate the meds I require to fight for remission....what I fight is a situational depression and the situation for me is Lyme Disease and its Co-infections.....I have great days and then I have days that I wonder why I continue, today is that day.....I love my life but the constant struggle to live it can be soul crushing. I cope by sharing, blogging, creating when I can...I find beauty in Nature around me, the smiles of my children and grandchild, I laugh with my mother after years of misunderstandings, I lay in the arms of the love of my life....I cope and I love my life, but I hate dis-ease.

4. My days are full, I have a multitude of responsibilities a day that I have to take care of and people that rely on me that I also care for so I budget my energy and my time for those, even right down to snack time for the little witch, teaching him and helping him to cope with Asperger's and other issues, or taking my mother to town....some of the things I budget time for most don't even think about, they just do it...for me it requires planning, storing energy for a direct purpose and completing that purpose...and then there are the times that I require help, I have back up plans and double back up plans for those days....when I say ok no I am done now, I mean I am done now and I am going to lay down.

5. I cancel things, lunch dates, parties, movies and all manner of social engagements... I do not make deadlines, I have the best intentions but that does not mean that I live up to every commitment I make, so I have stopped making commitments.....I want to go out, I want to have an active social life, I want to go to pagan festivals, camping trips and other events but odds are I won't make it....I will beg off, or not show up and later feel horrible telling you that I just couldn't make it. It is not because I don't want to, but I will and I am sorry. Sometimes it will be anxiety that kicks in, others it will be that I just expended so much energy that I have none left to do it....or the dreaded flare has moved in and I am down for the count....

6. I talk about and share my struggle, I share what it is like, what it feels like and the effects that it has on me both physically and emotionally. I am not an attention seeker, I am sharing my life with my circle, I am raising awareness for Lyme disease, I am wanting you to understand even a small portion of my life, not so you feel sorry for me but so you get it......maybe then when you meet someone else that suffers as well you might be able to understand their side of it too...I wish to educate, not garner sympathy, but I realize also that support systems and circles of support are very important for me and for others who suffer so yes I do reach out when I need it, I try to do this without dramatization sadly though I am sure that sometimes it may come across that way.

7. This one applies to witches, pagans and the lot....Chronic illness is never a reflection of someone's magic, their worth or their ability to craft...It is a reflection of a human body that is made to eventually fail physically, it is a reflection of the chemical world we live in that has poisoned us, some suffer while others don't, not one iota of that has to do with our own inner power or ability to craft magic. Magic lives within the heart, it beats daily and many times is what keeps us around, our faith and belief in our own magics, that is the key to our very existence.

There is so much more but for now this will do, it opens the views a little wider I hope....I would love a conversation to begin, what is chronic illness like for you? what are your struggles, share them, let your voices be heard, write, tell us all.....we are all individual and because of that we all suffer differently and I for one think it is high time that sharing it does not come with admonitions of what is proper or not to share on social media, if you cannot reach out to your circle for support then why are they there?

Blessings all, may you find love and smiles in your circle.