07 August 2016

Walking her path

Once upon a time there was a witch, a young one without formal training, she kind of floated in the wind....she knew she was witch, but she could not explain how, but her way of the witch was not the way of the books....her way was of the plants, the animals and her ancestors....her hands just knew what to do, how to do and even when, it was not written on paper but branded within her and her soul yearned for freedom. She knew she had to find her way back to herself, just like that, in a moment that this was her only path, forced to walk it alone.

Along her path she went from one tradition to another, she searched for one to show her, teach her, help her understand about circles, corners and directions.....these were foreign to her as she was foreign to it....her witchcraft involved words, dancing, energy, salt, herbs, fire, soil and the Moon, but by the way of the Gods or the way of man teachers were always just out of reach so she continued to stumble along and learn along her way...tools fell into her hands, all she needed was always provided so she walked and opened her heart and let the Gods speak to her, listened to the Spirits that surrounded her and danced with them in the dark. She reached deep down within herself and lived with her darkness, saw her root and embraced it.....knew she was not like others and rejoiced for it.
She continued to walk her path, alone....now by choice.

One day she met a man that stood larger than life, in front of a Moon that glistened behind him, like a moment out of a dream she walked around a corner and there he stood, beckoning all that would hear to look at that wondrous Moon. She shone so bright, so beautiful and he stood so connected and true, like a messenger from all that she had lost connection to, an ancestral deep past that beckoned her, called to her but she had not found the map or tools yet to make the voyage that far back. He provided them, he did not turn her away, or make her feel wrong for her ways, he accepted and welcomed her into his world. He knew that she could not do it quickly, and he was patient, he understood her anxieties, her fears and her mental and physical health issues and he accepted her anyway.....he may not have even been totally aware of the impact and encouragement he gave her to keep true to her path and to keep going..do the work, learn and connect to your ancestors...she respected him, his energy and his knowledge so she listened and learned with each year a little more and awakened more of her soul that had been lost or hidden in the dark recess' of her heart.....he kept teaching slowly, firmly and kindly always one with compassion. To her he still stood larger than life years later, just like the first moment....a great man, a wonderful teacher and a witchdoctor to be respected.....gratitude for it all flows from her to the Gods for bringing a friend, teacher and guide of this magnitude into her life.

She still has much further to go, many more steps to take, a path that appears below her with each step.....and she shall continue to walk not so alone anymore.