30 July 2014

The Cracked Caludron ~ White Walls

The Cracked Cauldron 2nd installment

The walls are white that crisp almost blue kinda white, as if you have become lost in the deepest parts of the snow, as her mind drifts back to the snow.....the walk the time and the circle come back to remind her......

Snow purest of white, bare feet, 
cold, so cold it is hot

Whites that are blue
Colds that are hot
Moments that are lost

Here in this space and in this time the circle is cast

the chanting begins;

Air is light
light is dark
dark is night
within the walls of white

I call to thee 
oh Mighty one please; 
do what is right
and win the fight

My blood is pure
the answer is the path
healing in ancestral realms is the cure

With each step a decade is cleared
with each moment that passes there is less to be feared

 As darkness falls; Mother calls
Ride your wave my child
wild and free
your heart belongs to me

Your wish I grant
To cause no harm nor return on me
As you so wish I so mote it be

In the walls of white, the spell is cast, what has been called cannot be broken.

Stir the cauldron.....bind the spell. 

All will be well

28 July 2014

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones will break my bones
but words will never hurt me

Bullshit! I remember singing this as a child, when I was being taunted in the school yard, truth was it was never easy for me in my life....but this isn't a poor me kind of post.

Words hurt, they wound, they make you bleed in places that others cannot see.  Words take lives, everyday, wars are created and fought over words in a book, this book or that book......words that lay claim on this piece of land or that one, even the one you may live on.....everyday someone in the USA pledges allegiance to their flag don't they? and what do they do this with if not words? The child that sits in the corner crying as the words of their abuser rain above them, do you think those words have not hurt them? The man that sits and berates his wife and children are those words not cutting to the quick?  When our mouths open and the words spill out with them goes magic, intention, weight, responsibility, pain, anger, love, and so on and so on, not once does the mouth open and words spill out that they do not carry an emotion, a thought or even at times their own spear.......you tell me how that universal rhyme could be true?  

How many of us remember the physical wounds of childhood? for me I remember a twisted ankle more because of the words that were uttered at the thought of taking me for care, I remember the stitches I needed on my leg more because of the words the doctor used to describe the bone it exposed, I never did see the bone......I remember years of crying, of being a sensitive soul ~ to borrow a term from my sister EagleSpirit ~ I was so misunderstood, when I was a child I felt everyone around me, it confused and terrified me, which I am sure is how it is for many empathic children and I was told to stop being so damn sensitive, to grow a thicker skin, learn to deal with the words others used to communicate....I thought there was something wrong with me then, and I realize today as I sit here and finally write this up, I blamed myself all these years for those around me that chose their words with spears rather than love.  NO MORE!  I never realized that for years, I fought that and carried the wounds that their words inflicted on my very soul.

I am an empath, a medium and a witch that will never change, and I am comfortable in my own skin and those wounds from the words yes they are still there, I will spend the rest of my life healing the child that was damaged by the words around her, BUT I will do it because with my words come responsibility, love, compassion, healing and yes did I say it yet?!  MORE love......I will not change my method of communication, I will NOT grow a thicker skin! my skin is my skin and I am more than happy in it! I will not accept words that come with daggers, you all can leave that shit at your own door I am quite a competent witch and have guards to take care of those crappy things you send, think and say.....I am no longer that child now I have taken a position of mothering that inner child of mine, the one thing that I learned to do in this life through my own blood sweat and tears, TONS of them! have you ever seen me defend one of my children? there is nothing I won't do and no one I won't take on, my mama Bear claws are long and hefty, and now I understand why Bear has been calling so strongly and damn am I ready!

Words....they hold power, they cast spells, they wind lives and make or destroy lives.....words that's right simple words...........
Sticks and stones will break my bones
but words will never hurt me

Remember to use them well, speak only the words out of your mouth that are dripped in honey or risk being forced to swallow those soaked in vinegar.......