09 March 2015

OOOPS they did it AGAIN!

Well things had been going so well, so very well that a part of me really thought this form of attack on me and my page was over, the malicious little clicks that know they are simply doing it out of some green living and thriving envy that they have of me, my wire and all I am trying to do with my life, but NO! Ooops they did it again! Every time the page grows, it crosses certain newsfeeds that just simply cannot stand to see the growth, the happiness and joy that I found in my life since leaving theirs; yes that is right as I laid my head down to sleep last night I was dinged out of it when my phone let me know there was a new post on Witch's Chamber and when I read it I was so very upset that for hours I sat up with the old guy discussing this....why me? why what I create? is it somehow offensive? is it them? after a few hours of back and forth discussion, and I swear sometimes you just absolutely have to have the clarity that a Scorpion brings to the table especially for my swinging madly out of control Libra scales! and yes the conclusion drawn by the old guy? it is them.....my page discusses me, my work, my creations, my shop and my blog; there is no logical reason that when it shares anything within that realm that it should be considered spam unless of course your issue is with me....that is not something unheard of, hell I know a ton of people that don't like me, just like I know who is doing this and I KNOW they don't like me, I am completely OK with that! but I do find it to be a sad thing when a witch's ego gets ahead of her ability to do what is right and live in such a way as to not hurt others maliciously, her and her little clan of flying monkeys....well no matter how positive and uplifted I am let us never forget I am also human and can have the fleeting sarcastic and not so NICE thoughts about them, it is not in having those thoughts of what I would like to send them, do to them or asks the Gods to do that marks me as a bad witch or person, it is what I choose to do with them that dictates who I am....so what did I decide to do? I went to sleep!

As I woke up this morning from the most restful sleep I have had in some time! the thought was there, I was going to go to my altar and ask for healing.....their healing. Somewhere in my dreams last night I sat alongside the chair of my Goddess and listened to her words, she was very clear; only those that are truly lost and trapped within their own pain can maliciously create so much havoc in the lives of others, on an emotional, spiritual, mental and financial level, make no mistake they wish for my failure not my success......for me the page is not just a Facebook account, it is my expression of all I am, my path, my chosen words, my creations and all I try to share with you all ~ their actions create much havoc! A part of me feels sad for them, I did at one time get to see glimpses of who they used to be before walking away, sadly it seems all this time has done nothing to stop their venom from growing within them, as Goddess told me it is time to send healing that way. It is time to answer the virtual door they keep knocking on with a mountain of love, healing, support and even MORE love! It is only in them finding their peace within themselves that they will leave me alone, that they will learn to focus on their own crafts, their own skills and their own paths to lead them out of the misery that keeps boomeranging back into their lives, I learned this lesson long ago and do not wish to go back. I choose good, I choose strength, faith, love and I choose to create an #AvalancheofGood in my life and those lives that I come into contact with, I choose to remain true to my Gods.
                                           Instead of anger and destruction I send healing.

All of these things had already transpired today by the time I posted a little sentence asking you all what you wanted for today on the page, just imagine the feeling of synchronicity when the majority of you requested the healing circle! I knew Goddess had been reaching to your hearts too, together we can stand virtually and extend hands, we can send the love, healing and support we all need....we send nothing but positivity and strength, a genuine hand up to our brothers and sisters, may your hearts feel peace and an eternal Divine connection! My sincere wish is that all will find peace within their own soul.

Come join us on the page and share your energy with us! and remember no matter what others may throw at you, your reaction and counteraction is all within YOUR control, so act accordingly with your Gods.


07 March 2015

Letters, tears and finally Peace

Today a letter to my dad, you see today is six years from the day the world lost a true hero, well at least in my eyes.....they are no longer the eyes of a child that sees her father as a prince, a king or even someone without his own faults, but the eyes of a woman that now understands life from a whole other perspective, and I realize the whole thing about staying positive; yea he started that with me....no matter how hard his lesson was, how difficult what came his was there was never any quit in him, and he smiled and carried on always putting everyone else ahead of himself.....yea he was my hero...... When today dawned I had the usual moments of tears, pain in my heart and missing him even more, then the inevitable as I saw it all again in my mind, this day, his passing and how I watched the life slip from him in my arms and he fought it so strongly......and yes I fell apart, trying to decide what or how I could regain my composure, find my way back to the positive side of the road I am on.....I realized what I miss the most is being able to talk to him and tell him what I am doing, on a spiritual level and in all I believe I know he stays with me and sees all I do, but on a very human level that does not comfort the missing moments for me, so here goes........

Hi Pai, 

Here we are again today, that awful day we all lost you....I know I know you are here anyway but some times it becomes hard to feel you so I have these moments....so many things have changed here since you have been gone

I realized a while ago that when you passed I got lost in this endless cycle of anger, loss and grief and it well it didn't exactly manifest in the best ways, I am really sorry that I let you down on those things that we both know you wanted me to do, I could not quiet my mind long enough to work on the feelings and their impact on all our lives......I can honestly tell you and you are welcome to look in that heart of mine and see that I am FINALLY in a better place, I can cope now, grow and continue to go along this jaded path of mine. I found my love of wire and creation in all this time, and many of the copper pieces I create is still with that roll of wire you gave us, makes me feel like you are still here, somehow still helping and caring for us all.....I know that was your life's whole purpose, not because you felt obligated but it was how you showed love, guess what I know now that is what I do to, you taught me well, although I am not as good at it as you are, right now I still struggle and have to claw for each bit that I do manage to make but it gets better everyday, and now I know what you meant by going to bed with a question and waking up with the answers, that is how it works for me many times. 

In May your first great-grandbaby will be here! even though the proud parents have resisted finding out the sex of the babe I am so sure that it's a boy I feel growing inside Nicoley, I can't wait to see if the golden eyes skipped a generation! I still have a bunch of the baby things you got me when I had her and I am planning to take them to her, soon as we have a vehicle, hint hint maybe you could give us a little lucky nudge in that respect, help me reach our goal.....maybe from up there you can make some really famous person fall in love with my work so they come forward wanting some amazing commission....hehe I can always hope! I remember many times how you taught me to drive, it was probably the best lesson of my life; remember you told me look straight ahead and line up my eyes with the horizon; that is where you are going, remember that! so I keep my eyes on the horizon and keep striving forward, no matter what I will get where I am going.....

Pai, I lost my way for a while but now I am strong again, my heart and mind are aligned and I am ready, thanks for always being there and guiding me gently and I know saving me from falling apart completely MANY times.....thank you for always being you and for shining that love on me still today, as I sit here and write this I can stare into your beautiful golden eyes looking back at me in that spiffy tuxedo you hated, lol, still some of the happiest pictures of just you and me......

I love you, yesterday, today, tomorrow and always......

oh yes and YES as much as you hated it I still wear all black....it is just what I do, but inside your love paints my heart with colors all alive and brilliant


Blessings all thank you for being a part of my way forward and my circle....much love to you all.....this for me was hard but worth it, and it brought me peace to share.....it was my way to keep on my path of the #AvalancheofGood

keep on striving where you are too and turn your pain into growth, your tears into joy, enjoy the moments of your life, they will only come around once.

06 March 2015

Relationships, have you figured out the MOST Important one yet?

Relationships, now that is a loaded word.....when you say it everyone always thinks of love relationships, spousal or partner relationships, I sometimes wonder how many stop to consider that we are in constant relationship with everything and everyone we meet....that's right every interaction is a form of relationship.....one of the definitions of the word itself is the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other ~ found on Googleso everyday when you deal with people you are in a form of relationship, how you regard them and choose to actually interact with them that is all up to you....yes you.....then there is the even more important relationship, the one I hope you understand after this blog that does not actually involve two people.....but first things first, change your ideas about the word relationship.....

How many people do you know that spent years and years preparing for their career and life's ambition, they took enormous amounts of time to learn what they needed to know to do what they chose for themselves, true right? Understandable right? yup! Now that same person now gets a job in their chosen career, wonderful! now they must learn the inner policies of that position, what is acceptable and what is not, what is expected and what is not, this all seems about right and very fair.....and we invest years honing our trade, gaining experience and understanding about what we do, what we love and many times a huge part of who we are, and maybe someday you realize that you have been in relationship with that part of your life for years, with your job yes, with your passions yes, with those people at work yes, even with the ones that you aren't quite keen on yes you have been in relationship with them....and where it did not work you learnt to change your inner wiring to accommodate the needs of that relationship, as much as you could without compromising who you are on an inner level, so you accepted that to work together with others positively and promote a team connection that you needed to make compromises that work for all concerned, we all agree that is an ideal work environment, an ideal working relationship....do you not agree with this? have you not experienced it in your own life? take a moment then to wonder why we will give so much of our time and energy to this aspect of relationship but we have less time and much less of an air of compromise in our more intimate relationships......there we seem to more inflexible and unwilling to flow with sometimes needed changes and adjustments....why is that?

Does it not strike anyone else that we have all had our minds changed to value things in a much different way than we should have been? For example, I have an amazing relationship with my wire, I have not been trained to do it but the wire bends under my fingers with little effort, one tool and one cutter is all I use and I attribute this all to my relationship with the Gods and I can say it was not until I changed the value system in my heart that the relationship of my dreams found me. One day I just woke up, I wish I could be clear on when it happened, when I woke up and just knew my heart was clear, that somehow I had found the healing I needed, but I can't all I can tell you is that the advice I give is because I have lived it, the words I share are the ones that I feel as I look back....they are the words I share with my children before I share them with you. Somewhere along the way our wiring got totally screwed, the feminists will blame the males, the males will blame the females, the Christians will blame Pagans and vice versa...and the blame shift can go on and on....for me I think we all just need to accept we are here, in this fucked up state of existence when what you do is more important than who you are inside, hell so many don't even have a clue as to who they are and even sadder is the fact that they don't care to find out. My point is there is plenty of time to analyze it all after the fact but right now let's get our asses in gear and change our victimhood wiring that is so prevalent in all of us.....we are victims of everything in life, this is somehow where we have ended up, and I know by saying this I am going to get someones knickers in a knot but damn it is the truth, and the only way out is to face it in our lives where we are subconcsiously accepting this wiring as truth.....where ever that may be! be honest with yourself, you do not need to be honest with anyone else, but please be honest with yourself; then! well then! get up and change that wiring, do it every morning before your feet touch the floor, tell yourself that you are in control of your life, you can invite good, positive and inspiring energy into your life......YES YOU CAN! truth is no one else can do it for you....I can write blog after blog about this, I can post meme after meme on Witch's Chamber till I am literally blue in the fingers, and it will not change one iota for you, unless you choose to change your wiring yourself, recognizing it is the first step......it won't be easy but it is YOUR mind is it not about time you control how it process' the events around you? your mind is powerful beyond belief, all you really need to do is decide that you want to have a better relationship with YOU, with YOUR mind, YOUR life......how about if we were all to put some of that dedication we put into our careers and jobs into ourselves? into our relationship with our own inner core?

Of course I am not by any means a psychology guru, counsellor or physician of any sort; I am simply an old witch  with six children and have spent a lifetime listening and helping where I could with those that had lost their own way, all the while finding my own path materialising under my feet.....some will not agree with these thoughts and that is fine, one thing I have realized along the way is that no one will change their wiring until they are good and ready, I am fully ok with that! What is right for me is not always right for everyone else and I expect that but for even maybe the 1% out there that this can help well I will continue to post and share my story.....every once in a while someone shoots me a message and reaffirms that they found some comfort in the words, and that it helped them find their way on their own journey in this life and me well, if you know me then you know that makes me smile deep down to the heart.

So remember! wake up each day and thank the Gods, thank YOUR Goddess, the Universe or whatever you believe in, find something to be grateful for, most of all remember to be happy to be you....send some good, feel some good and THEN get up and let the rest of the world in. Invest some time being in relationship with yourself, there is no more rewarding love than the love that you shower on yourself, think of all those people you love and how happy it makes them when you show them love? what makes you think you do not deserve that in your own life? now that's right go about loving yourself!

I send you good thoughts, love and support in this next step of the #AvalancheofGood

03 March 2015

Change your Perspective, Change your Life #AvalancheofGood

Everyday I get up and send out good thoughts, every single day regardless of what is going on in my life and there is tons that goes on! Every day I hear many responses to what I send out and today I think it is time to let you all know what actually does go on in my life, not because I am looking for sympathy of any kind but because sometimes in this very busy human life of ours I think we lose perspective on the fact that EVERYONE has crap that goes on that makes life difficult for them....but changing how you approach it is a choice, it really is and before I realized that I struggled under years and years of worry, depression, feelings of inadequacy and well searching continually for something that would alleviate the state of my mind and the constant noise that would not let me sleep. This is a part of my story and part of what would have gone into the book that I have been writing for as many years as I could spell I guess, but now here we are and I think it is more beneficial to rip that band aid right off long before The Cracked Cauldron is ever released......

When I tell you that you should get up each morning and think a Good thought even before you get out of bed I tell you this because that is how I found my way out of that darkness of my soul, I never say try; I always say DO! the moment you say try you have already accepted failing.....inherent in the word try is the acceptance of failure as an end result, DON'T try! DO!! get up each morning and do it, each day it will get easier and the negativeness will quiet down over time. Next when I say DO NOT judge! I say this not because I do not know the consequences of judgement, I mean hello! look at my life! of course I judged, I did it, I admit it....I judged because I was stuck in this awful place where I could not look at my own life, yes because of the state of it, yes because it was easier to pass judgement on others that hurt me rather than to face them, discuss it or even try to mend it. I have learnt the hard way that judgement does nothing but bring you the life that you stand high and mighty over.....never thought I would so understand the life my mother led to get her to the place where she ended up emotionally, but yet here I am living that same life, feeling the same about the people in my life that are parallelled to hers, so I get up everyday and thank the Gods that I can see clearly and I send out good thoughts. My twenty-one year old son gets up everyday knowing that he has a brain tumour and will require injections for the rest of his life to simply try to lead a somewhat physically normal life but he keeps going, he finds artful and practical ways to cope with the disabilities this leaves him with, he doesn't complain or give up, and he sends out good everyday. My husband and daughter cope with varying degrees of mental health issues with grace, dignity and hold their heads up even when they have bad days they still keep going and try to help where they can, and me well we all know my physical health is just a bad joke, I cope and keep going; so you see every single day in our household we deal with disease, mental illness and other aspects of life that attempt to break our spirit...not mention the poverty, lack and constant struggle to keep food on the table, the lights on and the heat going.....that never ends. We never try in our household we DO because we have no choice, each one of us relies on the other to keep us going emotionally and mentally, and it is with that support and heart that I send out what I do everyday to all of you. Like me there is a ton more out there, all you have to do is look through the responses to yesterday's circle call on Witch's Chamber what we all live through is hard shit, posts like those give us a place to lean on each other, we find comfort in community, reaching out and in giving support it lifts us up out of our own and little by little opens our eyes to see that others are also going through it, and to each of us our own lives always appear to be the worst......but a shared burden allows it to ride on more shoulders, thereby lightening our own load.

All this being said I realize it is hard to do this, to change the way you look at the world; to change how you perceive that around you is probably one of the hardest things you can do in life. It will not happen in a day, it will not happen in a week, hell it could take years for you to finally sit down and suddenly realize that HOLY CRAP the way I look at things is so different than it used to be! but notice I said realize, because the truth is the moment you start getting up each morning and taking that moment before you even get up to think good thoughts, send good thoughts and let even just the light of the Sun fill you with warmth you have just created a lasting change in your own life. Imagine that you were going to this place that you loved going to as a child for me it would have been the Canadian National Exhibition or CNE in downtown Toronto, each year as it would open I would be ever so excited to go there, even though I had been every year, knew all the rides I still loved going....normally the night before we were going I would not even sleep! that anticipation, excitement and just happiness at seeing the Sun shine in my window that morning is now what I feel each day when I get up and the Sun is shining at me, reminding me that I made it another day, another wonderful day to make a difference in my life and the life of those that I come in contact with....each moment is a chance to begin again and start to feel the good that comes into life, take pleasures in the simple things and let them guide you back to those feelings.....when it is too hard to do on your own then reach out, to friends, family, me.....just reach out, our only way through the mess the world is in is to help each other up, so be one that helps or if need be reach out and let someone else help you up.....the day will come when you will be in a place to pay it forward and help another do the same.

I challenge you all to Change your PERSPECTIVE and Change your LIFE.

Today I sit here and send you all love and support, I send good thoughts that those that feel in the dark find their light, that those that feel alone find community, and that all that you feel you lack comes to find you, by the Gods I will it so. Everyday I send good, everyday I add to the #AvalancheofGood and everyday I have faith that it will grow and encompass all that need the good feelings, love and hope that collectively we send out! 

02 March 2015

Healing Circle ~ #AvalancheofGood

As I sit today to have my breakfast I am a little more elevated, buoyant and I guess happier. Today we are having a Healing & Prayer circle on Witch's Chamber  sending the love and the energy to all that need it and want it today, won't you all come and join us? another step in our #AvalancheofGood

it may not seem like much to take the moment and join this little movement, but each one, each bit of energy or love that goes out into the world has the ability to change and modify that which we live in....is it not worth the effort to affect lasting change in the world around you? 

Blessings all! sending much love, healing and support to all of you out there! 

01 March 2015

Start an Avalanche of Good Energy

This morning I got up well rested and in quite a good mood, I felt wonderful! then I sat down at my computer, and the onslaught of negative started. Have you ever had one of those moments? you wake up well and happy but then as you start your day you realize that the world around you has become this very harsh and negative place, everyday we are bombarded with negative, angry, bordering on hateful media, when it is not angry it is sexual, sex is literally everywhere....don't get me wrong I have NO issue with sex but really does it have to be involved in everything? like really do you think people believe that if you buy that particular beer that the bikini clad nymph will suddenly land in your lap or that this type of underwear has the ability to get you laid just wear you will see! like seriously! shake my damn head!

So I sat with my coffee and had a good long think about this, of course there was nothing I found in that think that changed the way I felt about things, it is pretty depressing when you actually stop to think of the state of society, when you let yourself feel the agonies of those that cry out silently, the damage that we are subjected to and the way that all this misinformation and misrepresentation of us as humans is creating an inhospitable environment for us and WE are doing it to ourselves! willingly, and that was the saddest of all the realizations today......and that is why I decided I have to do something to stop it, at least in my own corner of the world, so I reached out to the Gods and it hit me like a shot......all of a sudden the phrase Start an Avalanche of Good Energy......whispered ever so gently into my heart so here I am doing just that!

Let us all gather together no matter where you are today; take a moment, think a good thought, when the negative thought creeps in STOP yourself and replace it with a POSITIVE one.....TRY it! it will not be easy at first but I promise you start with one moment and go from there, each time you do it it WILL get easier! We can do this together......START AN AVALANCHE OF GOOD ENERGY.....think that thought each day, send that energy when you first rise, think of the person that you know needs the positive in their lives, think of yourself and how beneficial it is to your own life and send that out to others, spread that shit far and wide! I honestly believe we have the power to change our world, our environment and to affect lasting change to the rest of the world around us BUT we cannot do that alone, we need to be there for each other. You may wonder what good can it really do? energy is fluid, it permeates, it flows and it creeps in where you least expect it all you have to do is agree to allow it access, you already do that everyday by watching your television, listening to your radios or even just sitting reading your newspapers, you give it complete permission to invade you, now I ask you to give the same agreement to GOOD energy. As it grows then reach out and pay it forward to someone that you see struggling with the same burden of negativity.....reach out to your brothers and sisters, help them up.....there is no greater measure of a human soul than the amount of times that they bent down to give a hand to a kindred.

Think about this my witchies.....it is ever so important to my soul, and was a message I had to deliver today as the Gods would have it no other way.