22 December 2015

2015 Yule Letter

Once again I have been away from my blog for a very extended amount of time, so much was going in my world that it was almost impossible at times to catch my breath....a whirlwind of change swept through our lives along with some very tough health issues for me this time...now finally at the end of the calendar year as I embrace Yule, I am finally able to speak, write and breathe, it almost feels good....almost.....there is an odd space in my heart and mind now that is not sure how to let this flow anymore so bear with me as I fumble around here, with my stilted sharing....it is amazing how hard this is for me now as I write this Yule Letter!

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Yule and Happy Holidays no matter what you may celebrate; may it be in the company of those you love! This is a major year for our family, as this year started we were planning to visit our daughter as she was expecting our grandbaby; that visit turned into a more permanent situation! Seven months later we finally were able to go and get our adult children that were still 2 provinces away and all of our ~ well most of ~ our belongings, and of course my familiars that were waiting ever so impatiently there! It was hard and very costly and quickly put us back in the same situation we had worked so very hard to pull ourselves out of, poverty....my shop took a hit as well and is barely inching along, but when push came to shove all we could do was desperately pull our family back together rather than leave it split across 2 provinces. Costly or not, poverty or not there is not one iota of regret in my heart for what we did if anything there is more of a warm glow knowing that someday I will tell our little Jo how she pulled the family together and made it so we could never go away again, although her little eyes as they look in mine already seem to know how very special she is.

We are all starting over now, all five of us, each of us in our way....It will get better, I keep telling them all, and in my heart I know it will, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other we will keep putting it all back together, the family, our home....the challenges for us are always so large, the lights at the end of the tunnels though don't seem so distant now that we are surrounded by family. Here my son can get even better treatment for his brain tumor, I am able to get a doctor ~ first appointment Jan 4th! ~ and we are all eligible for medication subsidy finally! by mid February we should be all taken care of! these things may not seem so huge but when medication costs monthly are almost three hundred dollars and that is only for my husband and son, mine have not been possible for over 5yrs, this is a huge blessing! Thank you Trillium! As much as I miss the Ocean I am much happier about the positive changes, the growth I anticipate and eventually not living in the condition that had become an everyday acceptance in our lives....poverty, for now I am just stopping through on my way to something better. OH yes and I dealt with my feelings of missing the Ocean by bringing a 10L jug of sea water with me! when I am missing her terribly I mist some on my face and close my eyes and I am standing on the edge of the Atlantic all over again, my mother Yemaya always near holding me up.

That is where my life is right now, as I put it all back together I barely had everything out and ready for a Solstice Ritual this year but this I had to do, make wishes for me and you!

Here is my wish this Yule for all;

May poverty be eradicated in our lives and the lives of everyone else
May we all have all we need
May food never be something that we need to worry about again!
May your heat always work, your tanks be full and your hearts overjoyed with love!
As I so wish so Mote it Be!

Blessings from my family to yours!


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