07 February 2015

About them bad behaviors

Maybe I have been silent too long, maybe I have just let things build up but right now I just cannot let it go anymore, I guess the inner bitch or witch or both have finally had enough and here goes!

I know we all wish we could always only deal with positive and love and light but it just does not happen that way.....let's see just this week in my own life there have been glaring examples of this, as much as I send positivity, love and spend my time with my altars, candles, incense the Fae and the Gods there are still moments where it just cannot be positive, you just simply have to deal with the negative and no amount of glitter or light thrown at it will change that. It is simply a sad truth that we must deal with as humans.

This week for me was a glaring moment of wow, not a good wow moment but a horribly disappointing one, that then lead to feelings of anger eventually at the very clear reality that no matter what I do I will forever have to battle for each step forward. No matter what circles I may move in, no matter how much I give there will always be someone that is not happy about my growth, slightly jealous I guess; although of what I have not quite figured out, but yet they must be in order to go to my fan page on Facebook and report MY status as spam.....let me be totally clear here, my page, my status and yet somehow me posting it made it spam.......yes and they did not do this just once no over a period of 3 days they reported 6 different posts, and followed posts to other pages and reported theirs too......not ugly, vulgar or any other type of maybe offensive posts, just regular posts, just because they felt like being malicious, just because they could and by doing so they created havoc for me and my page, or at least tried to. I will survive it so will the page, and at the end of the day I will be sad for the people that are so empty inside that they must hurt others to make themselves feel better.

Sad truth is though that most witch hunts like the one that I just lived through originate right from within the witch community. There is always one debate or another about how witchy this one is or that one, these are things I refuse to be a part of, we are all witches of our own kind at the end of the day. No matter that we all know the same quarters and call them by different names, we all have our own Gods and call them by different names, and all that is just fine by me, I just wish others could be as accepting, or at the very least if it is not for you then just walk away but why try to hurt others as you do? doing that doesn't make you a very good witch or human for that matter.

Needless to say days later the page is still feeling the effects now thanks to the wonderful way that Facebook does things, which in turn affects my life.....so yay you! you won on this occasion you wanted to hurt me and you did, yay you! hope it makes you feel a tiny bit of joy in that cold heart of yours, me I am going to scrape my knees off and pick up again and keep going......bigger, better and moving on, I have heaps of experience on this subject, not giving up is my specialty!

Blessings, love, hugs and smiles to all those that want them!


  1. So sorry to hear this...you are right about people being empty inside they have to hurt others...to make them feel better about themselves...their probably so miserable they have to make everyone else to....

  2. Tess, no matter what others may say, so many of us no the true spirit that shines within you. Be proud of who and what you are and know you are loved.