26 February 2015

Healer, take your own damn advice!

I am a witch, I was born one, as much as that may annoy some out there that disbelieve that can be true, or may suddenly ask me for some sort of verification on this subject, some degree or some other piece of paper that states what I am, truth is I have never needed anyone to believe, assert or reaffirm for me what I have always known.....I AM a witch and I was BORN a witch. I fought it for many years and I resisted the signs and signals from the other side, the dreams and visits from ancestors that I had never met in life, but that got me nowhere so about 26 years ago I jumped right out there and let the world know ~ well my family and those around me ~ that I needed to follow my path and I became a tarot card reader for a certain shop on the Lakeshore in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I loved it and never looked back after that. This path has been a long one, it has also been a painful and rewarding one all in the same breath.....I have lost many along the way, that either judged or were afraid of what this meant, I think of them at times, miss them even but when I think back to who I was with them and who I am now, I know I could never have gotten here if I had stayed there. So I keep walking forward, life has been hard at times, at others wonderful and really such is life, not to sound so cliche but it is the truth, it is all a cycle, what goes up must come down and so on and so forth, I am sure we all know that by now.......

It seems these days though that all I find when I log into my profile and check my wall is a constant complaint about how this witch is doing this, or that one is doing that, and how dare they think they know what they are doing and I shake my head.....what has happened to these people that they always feel the need to judge, comment and spread such utter negativity about each other? it is really a sad thing in my eyes and so destroys any hope at magic you think you might have. I walk this path alone by choice ~ and really not totally alone, I do have a mentor, someone I look up to, I just don't publicize ~ you see I did the whole events, rituals, and public thing, for quite some time. I was at one time very sought after in Mississauga for readings and Spiritual Counseling, one particular Summer Solstice we had a wonderful circle going, but the line for services with me was so long and the souls were needing encouragement something that my empathic heart could hear loud and clear so the other practitioner that had come in from the Niagara region led the circle, it was a great night.....one I remember often, but like anything else sometimes things have to change and eventually some went on with their lives in different directions and I moved almost two hours away, and I think when I did I left a piece of my Pagan heart on the Lakeshore. It has never been the same for me with any other groups, organizations or rituals, I have been yes, no I didn't enjoy it and all except for one party I left early feeling disconnected....and this is the reason I am solitary, well to a certain degree, I do love our shared rituals and energy work, prayer calls and healing rituals we do on Witch's Chamber, I will always do those, but I dare say unless I trust you implicitly odds are I will not attend rituals or any other type of energy work, nothing personal but I have experienced and seen with my own eyes what energy can do and I can honestly say the few have spoiled it for the many.....just because this is how I feel personally though does not mean I would judge, ostracize or criticize those that go their way, we all practice how we feel called, that is what I firmly believe......I would hazard to guess that like me there are many many more of you out there with similar experiences and reasons for your solitary path.....so how does all this realization affect my life well I live in my truth everyday, good, bad, ugly or distasteful it is my life and what I have created, boy can you imagine how exciting it is to realize all that??? 

Now that I know I created this life, I am wanting to create one that I am much happier with ~ yes there are some that are ACTIVELY campaigning for me to never achieve this~ but as I did a reading last night for someone it became abundantly clear to me that it was high time I take my own advice, as I told her to write out what she needs and let the Gods know it struck me it was time I did the same.....I need a home that can accommodate my family, one that is warm, safe and large enough to give me a craft room......I need a vehicle because I have commitments I need to honor and I cannot do that without one,..... I need to be able to provide for my family and to find ways to reach heights in my art that I never even dreamed were possible, the wire heals my heart.....and I need to go home, I need to be closer to the people that I do feel connection with, only 2 hours away is much better than 18 hours away, and for that to happen I need to be able to take my family with me....these are the things I need in my life, these are the things I lay at the feet of the Gods and ask for guidance, help, support, protection ~ yes sadly enough, since I intimidate some by my lack of wanting to be a "groupie" I am the target of their attacks ~ so yes I need the protection of the Gods because unlike many I am not a stupid witch and do not count myself as higher than those I serve, it takes some huge ego to do that and any witch worth her salt knows that there is no room for ego in magic. It is time for me to recreate my life, take all the good that is here and I am grateful for and expand and grow with it, for all these things I call on the Gods, to cause no harm nor return on me, As I so Wish so Mote it Be

What do you need to recreate in your life? have you tried to write your requests, needs and words to your Gods? you might be surprised with the response, when you live in your own truth, walk it everyday and take the leaps with faith in those you serve then there is no magic that is too much, there is no moment that is terrifying because you instinctually know the Gods, they have your back. 

Blessings all! I hope today you find what you need, or at the very least you start stepping in the direction that will take you to it!