29 June 2015

Diffusing the Hate, it starts with you!

Every so often I sit back and watch the world revolve around me, it is an amazing thing to do to be like the vultures and allow yourself to ride the currents of life, but every so often a frenzy will whip up in the winds around me and I have no choice but to speak up and today there are a couple of things I need to clear up it seems.

First! NO ETSY IS NOT DISCRIMINATING AND REMOVING MAGICAL SHOPS or WITCH RELATED SHOPS! I am so sick and tired of seeing these damn headlines that are perpetuating a lie and at the same time whipping up everyone into this needless frenzy of anger about being discriminated against, this really is not the case.  The truth of this situation is that when we chose to be sellers on Etsy we agreed to their Terms of Service, much like any site that you get on in order to use it you must agree to their terms, after all you are using their site not your own, on top of that first thing there is the much more important thing than just choosing a site, there is the law of your own land, wherever you may live has it's own laws, familiarize yourself with them because breaking these ones come with bigger consequences than just having your shop taken down.  Now how you might ask how do I know that the big bad mean Etsy is NOT discriminating, well it is very simple I make no secret of my life path, my shop is named Witch's Chamber and yes I have tarot readings and spell kits on offer there.....and when all this started and I began hearing the rumblings of this I was at first worried, but I felt that I should do nothing, then about two weeks ago I received an email from an Etsy admin, letting me know that they had moved my two metaphysical services to their new heading, that's right not telling me that they were removing my shop, or the listings no they weren't doing that, they were simply moving them because like I was told in the letter my descriptions of my services did NOT contravene their Terms of Use nor did they go against the law of the country I live in.  I really struggle with these situations when everyone seems to be jumping on the hate Etsy bandwagon, I am by no means a part of the administration there but fair is fair, there are many other reasons to complain about Etsy but to do it based on an outright lie well then that is just horrible! at least in this witch's humble opinion! Besides if you walk this path be honest with yourself how many times have you looked at the ads and listings that promise burn this candle and you will lose 30lbs, or check out this haunted gypsy witch pendant buy it and wear it and you will win the lottery how many times have you seen these ads and shook your head and realized that these types of wording give an inacurate definition of what it is to cast a spell or work magic? let's be honest most of us distance ourselves from these things so why act like it isn't so? not to mention the ever so simple statement of why oh why! would you accept terms of service, then go about breaking them and then be upset when your shop is gone? I simply cannot wrap my head around this one! seems utterly stupid. The cone of anger over it needs to stop, the raising of energy that is whipping into this engine under its own steam needs to stop, it is completely unjust.

Next! my page; no hell my whole existence is about Witch's Chamber, not just the Facebook page but the whole idea of it, the living breathing soul of me that I put out there daily; I live and breathe my magic each day, I simply don't even know how to live any other way without living and breathing my magic, any other way is simply completely unauthentic for me.......so on my page, I share all manner of things, some pique my interest others I find amusing and some things I love and others I don't but find value in sharing them as someone out there might have need of it or enjoy it or even find some sort of comfort in it. I am saying all this today because I have never had to ban so many people like this last weekend, the traces of racism, homophobia and just down right inappropriate and rude comments were just unbelievable. I fully understand and appreciate everyone's right to their own religion but in truth if you are a radical Christian why would you want to be on my page?  I mean I know there are many on my page that are Christian and I have no issue with that and I am not here to bash Christianity at all, after all my husband and a few of my kids are Christian and we all co exist in the family circle quite well and discuss our beliefs openly so please before you bash me for saying this be sure of what you are doing, the truth is it just boggles my mind when comments are made about how my posts offend you, being that the page and I are very clear about what it is and what it represents and yet you still find offence? well then in truth you do not belong on the page, plain and simple truth, whether you be Christian, Pagan or whatever else there is, there is no room on my page for bigots, racists or religious zealots ~ the Urban Dictionary version! ~ there is no room at this Inn! so keep on walking or scrolling as the case may be!

Now I know that for these two moments of clearing the air and expressing my truths I will have pissed someone off, made someone feel slighted or called them out or whatever else is the fashionable term of the day for offending someone by speaking the truth, well so be it, people really need to start acting like adults and living and breathing their truth not hiding behind lies, hate and ignorance....

EDUCATE yourself and others! INSPIRE change, love, growth and acceptance NOT HATE! we really are all one!

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