14 May 2015

Blessings and Gratitude, Love and Growth comes to Witchs Chamber

I can't believe how long it has been since I have written! Each day I meant to sit and write but in truth there was so much activity so much going on that while my mind kept jotting it down wanting to parlay it to my fingers there was just no time to sit and do it, and if there was then I was not finding it! From the moment we decided this was what we wanted; to come back to this place and reclaim the remanents of our old life here, our lives took up a lightening speed kinda of track....I know to a certain extent I feel that I have been propelled forward as if on some amazing amusement park ride that comes complete with the materialization of your dreams.....this year has been that big! and ripe with changes for us...geographical ones, family ones and even as trivial as it may sound to some the jumping ship from Chevy to Dodge, which was huge for my old guy! This has truly been a time of magic, wonder and amazing amounts of love; both shared and received. I have many reasons to be thankful and grateful to the Gods, the Ancestors, the Orishas and all of you that have walked along this very bumpy and sometimes dark road, without you all I would not be here, I would not be writing this and I most certainly would not feel as blessed in this life as I do. Thank you! Now let me fill you in on it all!

First yes the great moment of Chevy not being the chosen one for us anymore, this was a heated and quite often upsetting debate in our home. He of course loved his Chevy and swore off anything Dodge related and me well I loves me a good ol Dodge! For as many years as we have been together we have debated this, until this year....when it came time to find a mini van, our Chevy's 2nd engine having died again last year, this year our grandbaby was coming so we had to find something suitable to make the trek back here, her birth being the catalyst to all these changes actually! so we searched only to read horrible reviews on every Chevy we found available, but Dodge Caravan well that was a whole other deal, so he began to think maybe this was a definite and viable option for us and then low and behold the perfect Dodge just seemed to show up, the former owners were so very agreeable to work with and she became our Blue Thunder and now a couple of months later I am happy to say that my old guy is a converted Dodge lover! quite a bit of magic there! and this does not even touch on the magic that was alive in the funding of this vehicle! when it seemed most hopeless the amount of love and support from all of you in sharing my links and my shop generated such an amazing stream of income that the purchase came together in less than a month! I am so very blessed! that one purchase changed our life!

When we arrived back here, ready to stay with our daughter and son in law, we knew it would be for a while, we hoped it would be for a long while, we never expected that it would be the beginning of our move back here, well let's say I don't think my old guy expected it, me I had a few little messages about the way things would go here, but! as they started to unfold let me just say even for me the level of energy, magic, blessings and overall abundance that would suddenly flow our way well....it truly knocked me on my ass! we came back hoping that we could find a viable option for work for the old guy, within 24hs there were offers on the table, there were customers wanting services from cleanup to interior work.....just what he wanted, exactly as he asked the Gods for there it was....then a home that materialized and is perfect for our family, it just manifested before our eyes the likes of which we never thought we would have AND now she is ours....working on furnishing it and the logistics of getting everyone here and under the same roof, and moving what we have across country, tricky situations but it will work itself out I am sure of it! and well Witch's Chamber has taken a bit of a hit due to all this going on and my inability to settle yet, I hope this now will change! On one deck here I can watch the sunrise and on the other watch the beautiful sunsets....again! blessed by the Gods, ever so grateful for this amazing gift of shelter. We are so very blessed!

Then the most amazing of the blessings came to be! on Saturday we all settled in under our new roof, the first time I have had my husband and I with two of our girls under the same roof in about 5 years now, since the move to New Brunswick, it was the perfect day for it the weekend of Mother's day we were all going to have dinner, followed by a lovely pancake brunch on the morning of Mother's day, well! didn't our little Josephine have a different plan! She definitely thought it was the perfect day to grace her mummy with her presence and of course her grand mummy! me! It was a difficult and hard labour with complications at the end, my beautiful baby girl has never liked to do anything easily and this was no different! but I am very happy to say that both Nicole ~ my baby ~ and Josephine ~ her baby~ are both doing well now! and once again Nicole has taught me even more about life, relationships and the level of love that I carry for my little miracle baby, thank you for making me a grandmother! Jo is named after my father, and already I know I feel him dancing for joy because he just loved when little girls were born, he was the one Portuguese man that I knew that never said he preferred sons to daughters, never once and when he heard it was a girl he celebrated it because he believed they were so very special.....I know this pleased him....and little Jo has already taught us that we would much rather be here, I cannot imagine being 18 hrs away when she popped into this world, I cannot imagine not being there for her mummy.....our family can no longer be fractured and in that moment whatever amount of doubt that was left about is this the right decision for our family well it was squashed, forever ground under our feet....we are all stepping together forward, heads held high, we know this is the right move for us all so Ontario you are home again.

Change is growth, change is good....growth is essential, stagnation is not an option.....breathe and trust in the directions of the Gods, the Ancestors and the Orishas.....breathe keep stepping, that is the new mantra for our family, just believe and keep stepping! Now the old guy is starting his own little business, working towards building a customer base that will help us support us through the winter and help us to keep the roof over our heads and food on the table, lots of good energy would be appreciated for his continued growth and abundance, this is so very important to him and to our family! Thank you all!

Phew! so can you imagine that this has all transpired since mid March to now! can you imagine what it is like to have your whole life change in such a small span! my head was spinning and there were just too many words! and oh so so much gratitude! it overwhelmed me and made me drop to my knees literally and kiss the Earth, thanking my mother Yemaya and my Goddess Hecate, sending loving gratitude to all the Gods that played a part in bringing all these abundances in every way into our life! the blessings from our Ancestors are overflowing and abundant! Thanks be to all! and to all of you I send Blessings of love, abundance, smiles and healing!!


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  1. So happy for you, and your family. May the gods continue to bless you... )O(