30 January 2014

Cheers to you! Growth to me.....

Hi there, my name is Teresa, don't expect me to call myself by that name because I have honestly never ever liked it, I found out some years ago when my dad passed the reason why....apparently back in Portugal where I was born I was called by my middle name which is Laurinda, short form Laurie, until we came to Canada then my dad was told he needed to call me by my first name and this is why that name never worked for me, why it always makes me feel like when ever someone calls me it it is not me they are talking to.....so now that covered, let me introduce myself properly without all the extra words.

My given name is Teresa, call me Tess if you want me to answer you.
I am a child, a wife, a mother and a grandmother
I am an artist, dedicated to sharing my connection to the Divine
I am a witch.
Yes I was born one.
No I don't need to prove it you, or anyone else.
No I am not a "white" or "dark" witch I am simply a witch.
Yes I have hurt others, and yes I have been hurt.
I am human. I am so much more than the shell I inhabit, I am enough.
Everything I do in one form or another is out of love, to either grow, protect or release it.

There will always be many who love me, those that hate me and those that conspire against me, it is just the nature of the jealousy I run into......I will always make you choose when you meet me, you can bet on that.

Your resolve, your words, your truth they will all come face to face with your self.....best make sure that you are living authentically because after you meet me you will never be the same.

I will always know what you are doing, planning, and trying to do to me, no I will not stop you, that is your own energy, your own "karma" for lack of a better word, it is your path not mine, I will simply offer you love, honesty and friendship......until the final moment when you come face to face with your demons, whether you win or lose at that point is really all you......me well I will keep going along on my path, learning what I can from you, teaching you and showing you what you will see and otherwise my time in your life will come to an end and you will either feel forever part of me or you will go off to learn harsher lessons elsewhere......

it is what it is....and I am what I am......love me, hate me, it really does not matter to me, for I am not your judge, the Gods are.......and they see everything.

Some mistakenly believe they have arrived at their position, reality is life is a journey, forever learning forever growing, the moment you think you have arrived you have begun to stagnate......it is the journey that is important not how many you step on to hold yourself up.

Today I wipe the slate clean, today I rise to make this life what I want it to be... and only what I want it to be.

if you think this is vain.....well then you have lost the plot to your own Divinity, and it really is your loss.....I have always had faith in mine, it is what holds me up when my knees buckle, sheer faith.....find some, live it, extend some, it may just save your life like it did mine.

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  1. Huzzah Tess! And very well written. Too bad those that need the message won't be able to find it before it's too late.