23 January 2014

Pointing fingers

Do you ever sit and wonder how the world got to our current state? I find that in the last few years I have done this on many occasions, yes usually because some asshole has done something so horrendous that I have no way to wrap my head around it, for me it then becomes a connected part of a greater whole picture that is so scary to look at in reality.

The bigger picture now includes a world that we all know is slowly dying, not because it was ill at it's beginning but because we as humans have tried to destroy it with our greed, it includes rises in all mental health issues, escalating violence, vicious natural disasters and in truth how many of us ever feel safe enough to let our kids do the things we did as children? I can't even look at the atrocities that are happening to children all over the world.....and do you know what the worst part of all this is for me? the wasted time, effort and energy that is spent on fighting whose God is the real one.....or who is or isn't a witch......or the ones that feel the need to decipher everyone else's psychological issues-maladies or whatever the damn proper politically correct term is.....seriously people! it takes trained professionals years to diagnose people but really you spend precious energy on this? this all disgusts me beyond belief......we spend hours ridiculing what others have found faith and peace in, when did we all sign on to be judge and jury of everyone else?  It amazes me because in the same breath that they are pointing a finger at everyone else they never realize that there are 3 more pointing back at them.

I am the first person ever to say that healthy debate is wonderful, good for the soul and for growth of the consciousness of us all as whole, after all it is through healthy, honest, respectful discussion that we get to the point where there can be understanding, but to blatantly tell people that their idea of faith, or strength is wrong because in your narrow stream of consciousness you may not believe is very very wrong.  Now before people jump all over me or whisper in the virtual hallways of Facebook about how ridiculous what I am saying is, let me clarify I am not discussing people that have serious mental health issues I leave that to trained professionals, I am not discussing those that chose that their faith involves torture, or any type of abuse of anything be it human, animal or anything at all, that is not my deal and I do not believe it needs to anyone else's again my own belief, so now that put aside let's be clear what does it really matter to anyone else if someone worships a dragon? or the Fae? it is their path, their faith and their source of strength, what exactly gives anyone else the right to sit in judgement and decide that they must be slightly off, or unstable in any way? Yes I know I am droning on about this well it really pisses me off, more I see of it more I see that Pagans are becoming as close minded as others that they have for years put down for their inability to see beyond the mundane.....where do these people draw the line? If I apply their own criteria for judging others whose to say their own connection to their Deities does not really exist and is only a figment of their own imagination? see my point yet?

Being a witch for me is about seeing the magic in the most ordinary of moments, of respecting each bit of energy that it takes to create the simplest of creations, because for me there is not a thing that isn't beautiful in our world, all things created by the Divine hold their own beauty.......everything has it's own spirit, it is all about faith at the end of the day......being a witch does not give me faith, it does not grant me some wiggle my nose kinda power, having faith in the greater energy, in the existential, eternal connection of life as a whole makes me a witch....knowing that by respecting that which is greater than me connects me to my magic....maybe if everyone found their ability to respect each other then maybe they could feel the true and utter rush of connection to Spirit...can you imagine the greater good that could happen if that many light workers, magic wielders, healers and everyone connected wanting to fix what we have done to our world? call me a pollyana or tell me I have silly dreams but if even one person changes their mind and moves in this direction then there is one less creating negative and destructive energy in our already ill world....I always thought that ultimately that was the Pagan way to want to repair what we have done to our world, our environment our people but it somehow got lost and instead what I see increasing in record numbers is trolls around social media pointing fingers, attempting to ridicule and degrade those that sincerely walk their own path, deem themselves more worthy Pagans, more experienced, more more more.....honestly I say fuck it! fuck them! remember this it is your prerogative to not agree with someone else's path, but it is ours to continue to walk it.


truthfully I don't know about you but I would never ever ever deem it appropriate for me to decide what is Divine and what is not, which God/Goddess exists and which does not, I know for a fact I am merely human and that decision is light years out of my hands! if you don't know that for yourself then maybe it is your own view of yourself you should be looking at not anyone else's.....my two cents!


  1. This is PERFECT and kinda goes with my post on False Prophets in Paganism. It's getting unhealthy for any of us to talk about how we walk our spiritual path simply because there is always someone out there who thinks they know better even is Paganism. I'm tired of those who are holier than thou and judge others by their *stick*. Leave me alone, play with your own toys and stop trying to limit our spiritual growth.

  2. it truly is such a waste of precious energy that could be going into such better things like improving our environment both in a physical, emotional and magical sense......

  3. reading this was like taking a page out of my own mind...FABULOUS... I think this all the time...I am a wytch and full true Empath so all this that is going on I FEEL IT! AND IT BLOODY HURTS!!! I fully agree...as my Sister/friend says...who cares what higher power you draw strength from or believe in...in my own thoughts I ponder this....maybe just maybe the God that Christians have (btw was raised Catholic), Buddha that Buddhists have, Goddess or God and Goddess that wiccans and pagans have, Alah ot Rah that other cultures have and even Greeks and Norse that have multiple have...just a thought but ......maybe, just maybe they are all the same Higher Power...the only difference is that different religions, peoples and cultures see it is a differing gender, call it by a different name or see more than one instead of just one...well just my thoughts on it...as I mentioned I was raised Catholic and back in December I came out of the broom closet to most on FaceBook but not all b/c this is my path and I don't want my hubby or daughter to catch anything b/c of me...but all in all I thought when someone accepts you for who and/or what you are....they accept EVERYTHING...not just what they agree with )O( <3

  4. I am a simple Witch and live a quite life on our farm ( i am well removed from the main stream ) and care little of what others think of me or the path i take and have no anger to those whom would ( Damn ) me and my like! I know i can not change the world but hopefully i can make a very small part a little better !! Blessings sis <3