17 June 2014

A Channeled Moment

In the intoxication of youth we follow our brains thinking they are leading us, age creeps up on our heart and shows us where we missed, didn't see and lost what mattered most......if only when we were young we thought with our hearts, but we were made logical and lost parts of ourselves to create the other, we interfere, we do not hear the subtle cues of the Universe as it guides us sometimes gently sometimes not so much away from that which should not be in our lives, instead of hearing we push, climb and claw and do it anyway and when it fails we blame our hearts never realizing what we were listening to in actuality was our BRAINS!

Do not let your brain fool you into ignoring your heart, and blaming it for your own ego that leads your brain, for only when we listen to our hearts are we honoring the truth of existence and connectedness....the truth of Spirit

~ a moment of channeling............

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