12 June 2014

Butterflies and Magic, oh SO much Magic

As the green fills in around us our piece of pie takes on a bit of a remote feel, and out in the woods kind of thing, that even though we know is not the case physically it never makes anyone that comes here ever feel any different, there is a kind of bubble around this place.  Every spring I watch it happen, everyone else's trees flower first, their gardens splash out color and mine has barely broken ground.....every year I look at the old guy and say the same thing "is it possible it has all died?"  It hasn't, no if anything each year they all come back stronger and fuller, and seem to last longer than anyone else's gardens........I have come to call this the bubble effect....and imagine how I chuckled not long ago when my friend came to visit, now mind she has been here a few times, says to me as she finally gets here after driving by us and says to me I just didn't see your house like it wasn't there till I passed it....she says strangest thing like a bubble, well at that point I just broke out laughing.....you see my friend is an energy worker and has done some wonderful work on me personally, she is a contemporary shaman and I can say I feel the amazing energy of the Divine work through her, at that moment for her to see and experience the bubble for me was just too wonderful......of course I had to explain what I found so amusing, so EagleSpirit, the boy and I walked around checking out how even my trees were behind that of the neighbours around us as far as blooming and flowering......isn't life with magic something wonderful?

You might wonder why I would consider this magical, or even consider this to be a possibility, so let me explain a bit.  Quite some time ago I sat in a cold white room, was told some very distasteful news, some very break your damn heart, make you rethink everything in your life kinda news right......you get the picture I am sure.....well up until that moment I had lived on the fringe of magic, it had always been there, there had been lessons, teachings and moments, even crownings but still I had stayed on the fringes of it all and let things, material, egotistical and physical things control my life.......thing is when you look at yourself in moments like that well you end up really not liking what you see, life takes on new meanings and well all those years ago I jumped headlong into it, I didn't look, I didn't question I just went ok then let's do this!  It didn't take too long I had given up my job, it was a 9- 5 clerical position with the city, it was a union job that paid well but well I wanted to let the gypsy in me out so I gave it up, I took my cards and went to find my niche, my path on the road to embracing the witch I had always been but only let out part-time.  I soaked up experiences and knowledge faster than any sponge you have ever seen!

There was this one experience though that took my breath away.....I was going to a client's home for a tarot reading party and as I opened the back gate I was surrounded by butterflies, countless amounts just everywhere Monarchs, I was standing in a swarm of them, and the flitted and flapped around me I was just taken aback by the sheer magic of that moment, I would have to say for me it was the first magical moment with nature that I experienced fully in the moment. I did not have to wait to look back to appreciate that because the sheer beauty of the butterflies and the magnitude of the amount of them was not lost on me or anyone else that was watching, and there were quite a few......it was that moment, the defining moment that opened my eyes to the magic around me if only I could open my heart and allow my eyes to see.  This weekend sitting at my little garden table, chatting with kids, I had just put my chalice on the table when a pretty yellow and black butterfly flitted over, she did not just fly through......no she made sure I knew she was there for me.....so she circled me, flew off a bit and came back and circled me again and again and flitted around me to which I thanked her for her dance and let her know I totally appreciated her love and she happily flitted away.  My kids well they just take this in stride but the smile is still there, as was mine.  I think that is when I realized the reason this life has not gotten the better of me, and why it never will.....I can still see the magic, my eyes still gleam in wonder and amazement.....even though I am almost half a century old, I still feel the wonder of the young child that looks at that firefly for the first time......I still smile and fall in love when they land at my feet......magic, the stuff of dreams, fairy tales and realities.

Butterflies, as you know, bring a message of transformation.....and I am so ready for that! She came to let me know that my decision, my petition to my Deity was being answered very clearly....it is time to take the next step and all things that need to be there for that step just fell into place......a special gown that I purchased almost 5 years ago, that did not fit me even then but I bought it anyway because I knew I was going to need it, just before I left on Saturday for my energetic alignment as I was walking by my dresser this piece just randomly had fallen out.......then during my alignment, the visitors and the messages that were delivered through EagleSpirit well they were further supportive messages to carry on forward.....I came back here and yesterday picked up that gown again, tried it on yesterday and it fits, quite well......I decided last night it was time to take that final step, so tonite as the moon grows full for me all paths converge.  What was once fractured is now whole.

It has been a long road, a sometimes treacherous one, faith kept me stepping forward and magic brought all I needed, when I needed it......and in truth every moment has conspired to bring me to this point, this magical moment where I finally chose and walk surefooted into the future.  What I am most thankful for? the fact that I still feel that rush of elation, gratitude, pure joy and happiness at the simplest moments of connection,  from the butterfly to the simple and majestic beauty of the ocean.....even the simple clover that hangs on this home, that hung on my previous home.....it truly says it all and like the butterfly I will continue to flit through on the wings of magic and sending peace and grace to all those that come across my path.

Magic is everywhere, you just need to open your heart and allow yourself to see......it really was the absolute best thing I ever did for myself......are you ready to step off your cliff and live your magical life?


  1. Beautiful! I can clearly see the images you are describing, it's like they jump off the page and beckon us to join. Love this Tess! I am so happy you have found your inner strength to accept the alignment.

  2. could not have done it without my awesome support system...my sisters rock!