10 June 2014

Witch and Witchism Myths

There has been a lot of talk about what constitutes a good or bad pagan, there have been blogs, social media posts and I am sure some very heated discussions off the grid about this subject not just now but for years and years now....at least I know there has been around my table, but it struck me that in all these discussions the reality of what we were all discussing is how strong is your magic compared to mine....at the end of the day is this not what all this boils down to? Ego, and that led to me wanting to discuss what I call Witchism Myths, so grab that coffee and sit on down and let us look at the successful witch.....being ever mindful that the word success means so many different things to so many different witches.

1. Nothing bad ever happens in a witch's life, for s/he controls every aspect of their lives with a velvet covered iron fist.  Nothing escapes a witch's watchful eye and they are always skating through life as if on a cloud of perfection.

Can you imagine the amount of energy it would take to do that? can you imagine for one moment the kind of life you would live if you tried to absolutely control every aspect of energy everywhere around you? this notion that nothing bad, distasteful or difficult ever happens in a Witch's life is just ridiculous.  Of course bad things happen, of course life happens, a Witch does NOT control every bit of energy around them they ride the current of the energy.

Replace this with; As a Witch I am prepared for the energy as it comes, I am forewarned and aware, and while I do not control what may happen around me I do though control my reaction and what I send out into the world.

2. A successful witch is financially abundant.  If you cannot show financial abundance as a Witch then you are not working your "magic" properly and must not be a real witch, for real witches never lack money.

Really? yes of course because witches through time have always been known to live in castles, wear only the finest of fabrics and have the best of ingredients of course imported for our spells.....not to say that there are not wealthy witches, there most definitely are but that is not the majority.

Easily replaced with; A witch knows that abundance comes and goes, its a flow of life and a cycle we all must live through.  A witch does not measure the value of any living being based on money, friend or foe, for a witch knows money is simply a form of energy that must continue to flow and in this respect a witch never makes herself or himself an obstacle to the flow of energy.  Besides as a witch, we understand that what we need always comes to us at the right moment, the challenge is to actually see it and that is only accomplished by silencing the Ego and allowing the Spirit to guide.

3. Witches are always full of love and light.

Errrrr.....let me choke on my coffee as I sputter at that one.....really? NO I am sorry to say to all those that believe that witchcraft is some religion that is about fairy's and unicorns....it really is not.  Witchcraft is witchcraft, just as it says, it is witch's crafting what they need, want and desire in their lives and the lives of others.  There are "good" witches, "bad" witches, light and dark.......witches are human beings, for every kind of human being out there there is a witch just like them......people need to realize just because someone calls themselves witch does not mean that you will find someone that is continually full of love and light and dancing on bubbles.......if you find one of those, well my advice? run, as fast as you can, as far as you can, because life is messy, things get messy and the ones that spout off about light and love and unicorn poop all the time, either don't see it or pretend it doesn't exist, neither is a good option.

Replace this one with: witches are human beings and as such have all the same days, moments and wishes as everyone else.

4. Witches always get along with each other, because of course they are more "evolved" than mere mortals, so they do not play childish games, act like they are in high school and try to destroy others for their own selfish reasons.  Witches are above that.

Um.....see 1, 2 and 3! Witches are people, so yea the a na nana happens alot! too much, sometimes truthfully it becomes sickening.  There was a time in my very naive existence that I thought being a witch meant those things; now well I think the label of Witch is applied too carefree and liberally at times, because what I see in some to me in no way resembles what Witch means to me.

AND my personal favorite;

5. All witches are Wiccans.

DOH! NO! Wicca is a religion, Witchcraft is not a religion.  Witch is what you are, what religion you choose to pair that up with, well that is pretty much a very open field of choices, Wicca is only one of those possible ways.

Replace this one with; Ask that witch what path they follow rather than assuming they must be Wiccan.

Like these five examples there are so so many more, the reality is that even in our witch circles we have come to see that there are those that are forever measuring their success based on how much further they think they appear to be than their perceived competitors, do you ever stop to think that is the whole problem there?  Truth is that if you spend all your time trying to figure out how much further you got ahead from the other witch then how much of the path you are walking is really about you? and your connection to your magic and how much is based on the love of competition, the satisfying of the ego and the perception of power?

For me being a witch is about living and breathing the magic, shit will always happen, its the way of life as I have said before and will say again, life is damn messy, but in each mess lies a lesson, a teaching experience a moment of clarity......maybe witches should spend more time figuring what those are for them rather than trying to run an imaginary race with those that they feel are not as witchy as them.

My advice......judge not, love yes, walk your path and do not tread on others to get where you are going for anything you build based on stepping on the souls of the ones you may encounter along the way will only come crashing down around you, for magic built on crushing souls for your own growth has a nasty way of backfiring, magic multiplies so what you send out you will get back.  Look at my own life, yes bad things have happened, but in every instance of a distasteful moment there has always been a warning beforehand, a preparatory time where things materialize that I may not realize at the time what they are for but they always are there when I need them, and there has always always been a way through the obstacle for us, that is magic.

All I ever need comes to me when I need it.....and that is the truest statement of magic and being a Witch that I can ever speak.....and is the truest one any witch should ever believe....at least in my humble opinion.

Live your life and believe in magic, live it,  breathe it and step it up, in the end YOUR magic is what will either save you or not, and for Witch's sake! stop! measuring yourselves and everyone else against someone else's imaginary egotistic ruler!


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