01 March 2015

Start an Avalanche of Good Energy

This morning I got up well rested and in quite a good mood, I felt wonderful! then I sat down at my computer, and the onslaught of negative started. Have you ever had one of those moments? you wake up well and happy but then as you start your day you realize that the world around you has become this very harsh and negative place, everyday we are bombarded with negative, angry, bordering on hateful media, when it is not angry it is sexual, sex is literally everywhere....don't get me wrong I have NO issue with sex but really does it have to be involved in everything? like really do you think people believe that if you buy that particular beer that the bikini clad nymph will suddenly land in your lap or that this type of underwear has the ability to get you laid just wear you will see! like seriously! shake my damn head!

So I sat with my coffee and had a good long think about this, of course there was nothing I found in that think that changed the way I felt about things, it is pretty depressing when you actually stop to think of the state of society, when you let yourself feel the agonies of those that cry out silently, the damage that we are subjected to and the way that all this misinformation and misrepresentation of us as humans is creating an inhospitable environment for us and WE are doing it to ourselves! willingly, and that was the saddest of all the realizations today......and that is why I decided I have to do something to stop it, at least in my own corner of the world, so I reached out to the Gods and it hit me like a shot......all of a sudden the phrase Start an Avalanche of Good Energy......whispered ever so gently into my heart so here I am doing just that!

Let us all gather together no matter where you are today; take a moment, think a good thought, when the negative thought creeps in STOP yourself and replace it with a POSITIVE one.....TRY it! it will not be easy at first but I promise you start with one moment and go from there, each time you do it it WILL get easier! We can do this together......START AN AVALANCHE OF GOOD ENERGY.....think that thought each day, send that energy when you first rise, think of the person that you know needs the positive in their lives, think of yourself and how beneficial it is to your own life and send that out to others, spread that shit far and wide! I honestly believe we have the power to change our world, our environment and to affect lasting change to the rest of the world around us BUT we cannot do that alone, we need to be there for each other. You may wonder what good can it really do? energy is fluid, it permeates, it flows and it creeps in where you least expect it all you have to do is agree to allow it access, you already do that everyday by watching your television, listening to your radios or even just sitting reading your newspapers, you give it complete permission to invade you, now I ask you to give the same agreement to GOOD energy. As it grows then reach out and pay it forward to someone that you see struggling with the same burden of negativity.....reach out to your brothers and sisters, help them up.....there is no greater measure of a human soul than the amount of times that they bent down to give a hand to a kindred.

Think about this my witchies.....it is ever so important to my soul, and was a message I had to deliver today as the Gods would have it no other way.




  1. Excellent! Good Positive Energy is the perfect antidote to the negativity which pours from the media and from people spewing it on FB, Twitter, and the like. We ARE powerful!

  2. yes it is! thank you for your ever loving soul that helped me to find my way to serve the greater good! <3