09 March 2015

OOOPS they did it AGAIN!

Well things had been going so well, so very well that a part of me really thought this form of attack on me and my page was over, the malicious little clicks that know they are simply doing it out of some green living and thriving envy that they have of me, my wire and all I am trying to do with my life, but NO! Ooops they did it again! Every time the page grows, it crosses certain newsfeeds that just simply cannot stand to see the growth, the happiness and joy that I found in my life since leaving theirs; yes that is right as I laid my head down to sleep last night I was dinged out of it when my phone let me know there was a new post on Witch's Chamber and when I read it I was so very upset that for hours I sat up with the old guy discussing this....why me? why what I create? is it somehow offensive? is it them? after a few hours of back and forth discussion, and I swear sometimes you just absolutely have to have the clarity that a Scorpion brings to the table especially for my swinging madly out of control Libra scales! and yes the conclusion drawn by the old guy? it is them.....my page discusses me, my work, my creations, my shop and my blog; there is no logical reason that when it shares anything within that realm that it should be considered spam unless of course your issue is with me....that is not something unheard of, hell I know a ton of people that don't like me, just like I know who is doing this and I KNOW they don't like me, I am completely OK with that! but I do find it to be a sad thing when a witch's ego gets ahead of her ability to do what is right and live in such a way as to not hurt others maliciously, her and her little clan of flying monkeys....well no matter how positive and uplifted I am let us never forget I am also human and can have the fleeting sarcastic and not so NICE thoughts about them, it is not in having those thoughts of what I would like to send them, do to them or asks the Gods to do that marks me as a bad witch or person, it is what I choose to do with them that dictates who I am....so what did I decide to do? I went to sleep!

As I woke up this morning from the most restful sleep I have had in some time! the thought was there, I was going to go to my altar and ask for healing.....their healing. Somewhere in my dreams last night I sat alongside the chair of my Goddess and listened to her words, she was very clear; only those that are truly lost and trapped within their own pain can maliciously create so much havoc in the lives of others, on an emotional, spiritual, mental and financial level, make no mistake they wish for my failure not my success......for me the page is not just a Facebook account, it is my expression of all I am, my path, my chosen words, my creations and all I try to share with you all ~ their actions create much havoc! A part of me feels sad for them, I did at one time get to see glimpses of who they used to be before walking away, sadly it seems all this time has done nothing to stop their venom from growing within them, as Goddess told me it is time to send healing that way. It is time to answer the virtual door they keep knocking on with a mountain of love, healing, support and even MORE love! It is only in them finding their peace within themselves that they will leave me alone, that they will learn to focus on their own crafts, their own skills and their own paths to lead them out of the misery that keeps boomeranging back into their lives, I learned this lesson long ago and do not wish to go back. I choose good, I choose strength, faith, love and I choose to create an #AvalancheofGood in my life and those lives that I come into contact with, I choose to remain true to my Gods.
                                           Instead of anger and destruction I send healing.

All of these things had already transpired today by the time I posted a little sentence asking you all what you wanted for today on the page, just imagine the feeling of synchronicity when the majority of you requested the healing circle! I knew Goddess had been reaching to your hearts too, together we can stand virtually and extend hands, we can send the love, healing and support we all need....we send nothing but positivity and strength, a genuine hand up to our brothers and sisters, may your hearts feel peace and an eternal Divine connection! My sincere wish is that all will find peace within their own soul.

Come join us on the page and share your energy with us! and remember no matter what others may throw at you, your reaction and counteraction is all within YOUR control, so act accordingly with your Gods.



  1. You shouldn't let this negativity bother you so much. I see you comment on it kind of often. You know who you are so just breeze right by that stuff. Or dig out some Taylor Swift and dance it off lol

  2. this is actually the final comment on this situation, when I heard to send the healing from Goddess I also knew that was the last step I had to take, in forgiving them and sending it I released myself from their energetic tentacles......<3