21 November 2013

Differences are good!

Write.....delete....write.....delete and so on and so on, for the last 24hrs this has been what I have done.  How do I follow up the last post? especially since it seemed to have offended some, irritated others and well I guess released some and gave them a glimpse that someone else was feeling the way they were too.  Funny isn't it? when you find your voice and speak your truth you are always offending someone, why is that? and what I would really like to know is where this measuring stick came from that when someone moves on in their path it seems to make others poke holes at their growth? it sure does seem to me to reek of ego......

I am pretty quiet and stay out of the way alot of the time, I reach out to those that I am guided to, my friends list probably reads like who not to invite to dinner all on the same night, but that is part of what works for me in this life....the differences are what make us whole, if we were all the same this world would be a boring, worthless existence.  It reminds me of a story, actually a play I watched in grade school...I was pretty young when I remember because the younger children got to sit up near the front back in the days of sitting crosslegged on the floor in the big classroom aka the jr kindergarten room, it was so exciting it was a play about Christmas.  It was called the 365 days of Christmas, I never forgot the title and I never forgot the play.  As it started off the characters were waking up on Christmas morning all excited to get their presents, rushing to the tree excitedly ripping off the paper and showing each other, us little people in the audience loved it, but then the next morning came on the stage and they did it again, still happiness just a bit less excitement, by the 10th time there were moans and groans about opening it, about the gift itself and you can just imagine it got worse and worse as the play dragged on......I never forgot that, I think it must be one of the earliest lessons I acknowledged and learnt at the instant it was presented.  I want the differences, the cycles, the excitement of the variety of perspectives, thoughts and beliefs.  I love a good debate! it stimulates the mind and keeps me young!

I sometimes laugh when someone says something along the lines of how naive I am being just a simple old country bumpkin witch, truth be told I grew up in downtown Toronto in the 70's and 80's, in the inner city not the suburbs....those days I walked through laneways with keys laced through my fingers, I never looked down but made eye contact with everyone, head held high you never showed an ounce of fear, those are the places I come from....my highschool was in one of the toughest areas at Jameson and Queen, and even in all the things we saw there I never ever remember looking at anyone and disliking them based on their belief system, the color of their skin, or their nationality and really none of us were the same we were all different. If we spent more time getting to know the differences, understanding what makes us all tick and honoring it whether it is your belief or not really does not matter, what matters is respect.  Maybe that is what I think is missing in this world now, respect.

Pagans say that the Christians took parts of their religion and adopted the stories and changed them to be their own, but then in the same breath some will say that the Christian idea of God does not exist so how can both be true? If they did appropriate the stories then does by that simple fact it not mean that the Christian idea of God does exist albeit in the Pagan's views? why do we have to fight about whether their God or anyone else's God or Goddess exists? I just don't understand and we cannot say that all this anger, frustration and religious fighting is coming from only the Christian side, it isn't.....the sad truth is that even within inner circles everyday people do this to each other Pagan and otherwise, I used Christian's as an example in this but it happens with other religions as well.....my problem with Pagans stems from the fact that I guess I expect more from evolved people, spiritual people, am I expecting too much?  If I say thank God will I hear someone tell me that I am using the term incorrectly? will someone else contact me to let me know that I used a solely male term and forgot the female in that? will I offend someone if I claim to have a personal relationship with a Divinity that they may also have a connection with? so should I prepare for the onslaught from those that I offended the other day when I said that for me I knew who my mentors were? does that mean that I was putting down all the others that have worked hard in their way for their own growth? hell no! there is that blasted ego again!

We will never ever get anywhere in this battle to wake up the masses and save our planet if we don't stop fighting over the ridiculousness of wanting to measure our own achievements on OUR OWN PATHS as compared to those that are walking THEIR OWN.....there is no quantitative measure, there is only quality in this.....make your life count, reach out help someone else.....put someone else first.....learn from someone else why they love their Divine energy...share your experiences, live each day for what it is tomorrow is not promised......and for the last time every time someone else speaks their own truth it is not a threat, comment, indication, suppressed anger/passive aggressive shot at anyone sometimes they are simply loving their own life and maybe if we all found a way to love our own too then we would understand that.

Here is a novel idea, why not just realize that that person you just don't understand well maybe they have found their faith in something larger than themselves, maybe it would be so much better for each of us if we invested time in finding our own faith rather than tear everyone else's down.  Just this silly old witch's thoughts......


  1. "...why do we have to fight about whether their God or anyone else's God or Goddess exists?" I read this and began to roar. You will see why, when you read the post I published a few minutes ago.

    I agree and then some, dear Tess!

    1. I know! I read yours and was shocked then I thought no I am not shocked because many that I am talking to feel this way right now...and truthfully I should have commented on yours that I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut and my nose in my book lol you are a better woman than me! xx