12 March 2014

Now I know my ABC's

Some time ago two very precious friends and sisters of mine gave the blog a couple of awards, of course me in my very late to the party fashion did not get on it right away, and had other things that were taking up my writing abilities you could say, now is a whole other matter so for today let us start with the ABC's!

Ok so now I am supposed to tell you all something that corresponds to the letter of the alphabet......this should be interesting, so me and my trusty coffee are ready here goes!

A.  I have a ton of Attitude.....as much as I blame the old guy for the kid's attitudes they get it from me! their lack of filter is him! lol

B.  I like to just BE
C.  Cats are my favourite cuddly, evil creatures to have around and love
D.  I love to just Drive, no particular destination just drive and let the energies take me where I need to go.
E.  Yes I can be evil, but they say knowing is half the battle right?
F.  I use that F word alot!
G. I Garden, the moment I can step into my gardens barefoot is the moment my spring and summer come alive, then I can be found the rest of the year head down, butt up in the air in my gardens....it becomes my church.

H. I aim for Happy everyday
I.  I fought for my Independence
J.  Jewelry! I love Jewelry! I love to create it and share the beauty I see in everything with everyone! If I could I would just give it all away! 

K. Kids lol I have 6 of them ages range from 32 all the way to 4, everyday I sit an send each one some love whether they want it or not or whether they feel it or not its sent.

L. LOTTERY! my dad played it every week, he always hoped to win, to honor him I started playing it after he passed......WHEN I win I am sure I will be broke again within days, why you may ask? see K for explanation!

M. My heart Melts on a regular basis!
N. I wish all the time I could have become a Naturopath Dr.
O. In case you hadn't guess I am very ODD!
P. I taught my children that Perfection is an illusion so just be real.
Q. WTF goes with Q! I am not Quiet is all I could come up with!

R. Red, I love Red....although blue is my favourite color and I wear all black always, red is the color that mesmerizes me and calls me always.
S. No matter what, no matter how hard life is, how much poverty or the nasties of the world try to kicks my ass, I am a Survivor......expect it, cause I know it, I will Survive

T. my given name is Teresa although I have never liked it so Tess became the norm.
U. I am always Unique, in the way I see things, the way I process and the way I express myself....I actually hate to be part of the crowd!

V. Victory is coming, first gotta get through all the muck left by the deserting hordes of nasties.
W. I love being near Water
X . Xanadu is a song that never leaves my brain for some reason, didn't even watch the movie but the song since the first time I heard it has stuck in my head and randomly find myself humming it at the strangest times!

Y. Yemaya is my mother.
Z. Some day I want to visit Zaire 

I did it! I really did not think I could do that ok! so now onto the next award because of course I was so lucky to be given two!

So for this award I am supposed to nominate other bloggers to give this award to, but alas since I waited this long they have all done this already! sorry you all! but I do love ya! you know it too! As well I am supposed to share 11 things about myself, not sure what there is left you all don't know but here goes!

1. I follow my own kind of Voodoo path, and yes I am a witch.

2. I was actually born in Portugal, small island named Pico.

3. I have spent the last 8 years correcting and forgiving myself for the mistakes of my youth, and repairing the damaged relationships that can still be fixed.....and letting go of the ones that never will be.

4. I am an only child, as shocking as that is sometimes it is true.

5. I have had prophetic dreams and visions since I was 5.....hidden much of my life, but they have always been there.

6. I miss England every day, my heart is there and everytime the plane takes off to come back here I cry and think I may not see it again.

7. I am an Empath, I cry alot, no they are not all my tears, but my heart accepts the pain others need to let go of and helps them to process it.......I am happy to be a Sensitive Soul in this world.

8. I am also a Medium, and all these things the dreams, visions, empath and Medium are just a part of me, I have lived with them for so long and dealt with all so long that it doesn't really come into my mind anymore what is happening it just does, if you get what I mean.....its just a part of everyday life now.

9. Yes I am writing a book, yes it is a very difficult one to write, it is not filled with witchy lore or spells, it is filled with the life story of this witch, its a long drawn out affair with lots of heartache, drama and joy, so these things take time......my current deadline to myself is the end of this year to be ready with a rough draft! we will see how this goes!......if I should ever get to the about 12 notebooks of writings it might just happen!

10. I create lots and lots of things, sometimes Jewelry, sometimes witchy nick nacks.......there are two reasons for the range of things I create, ok well maybe three......one I create as the vision of what wants to come to life hits, so that means sometimes its not jewelry, it is whatever Spirit wants.....two I have a little bit of ADD I think lol so I need the changes to keep myself stimulated and open to the energies....and least of all the reasons is sometimes in this life of poverty I create with what I have available......its the way of life always be thankful and grateful for what you have, do not look at what you don't have.

11. I decided a while ago that I was going to live happy, be positive and realize that the faith I have clung to has saved me many times and will never let me down....the Divine is always watching and that is all I ever need to know......and trust.

Have a great Woden's Day!


  1. I LOVED learning more about you! Thank you for sharing.

    1. thank you for the awards! and for honoring me by reading this :)