15 April 2014

Dragons, Trips, Flourite and Giveaways!

Life has been interesting again to say the least! The wire well the connections to it are ever stronger and some of my best work thus far is coming through my hands, the Divine is certainly shining down on me these days in that area! I am ever so thankful for that! In the more mundane areas we have a hand injury to my better half, which in itself is cause for concern, even small injuries to his hands now bring on huge amounts of old fears from when he lost part of his left hand years back, and this injury well it is pretty serious, as his hand was trapped under the full weight of a car after the jack holding it up slipped. I shudder just thinking about the agony that must of been, but he won't share that with me, no for me he puts on a brave face as he relives his left hand, the negligence then that caused his loss and I watch as his eyes cloud over as he is transported back to another time in our lives. I try to help him see this is not the same, sometimes I manage other times well its his ghost to deal with so I afford him patience and time to sort through it as best he can. Secondly we have no vehicle now, this is very hard living in the middle of nowhere and the soonest walk to any store would be about an hour and a half, it makes for interesting times and lots of relying on our kids with wheels to take pity on her poor parents and drive us around, thankfully she loves us so she does.....interesting times I tell you!!!

I hadn't written in a long time, I have been swamped, between creation and the impromptu trip to Ontario it was like a whirlwind around here, but it was so welcome! I was able to spend some time with my kids, I missed them so much! I thought I would never let go of my son, he looks so much like his father when I met him now makes me smile just looking at him, then onto my daughter's home where I was finally able to play with my little grandson for the first time! oh my it was some happy days! Thankfully I have a wonderful sister/cousin that opened her home to me and my little brood, where we sat late into the nite of course enjoying things I should not be drinking!!! talking about old times, old places and memories we both share, it was so good to speak to someone that gets it, understands the whole cultural thing for me, how it affected us as women and how it related to our marriages and lives all these years.....there really is strength when women come together and talk, just talk, the connections we have are astounding and I am better for having her in my life, love ya girl!

 Then back here another 19 hour drive to make it home, saluted by crows all the way along, we made it home safe and sound and I diligently went back to creating with my wire and just today finished a tremendous piece with flourite points and silver wire, completely handmade by me, I am so excited by this piece!

 In the middle of that I have of course taken on all the chores here, alongwith new nursing duties, caregiver and all around journeyperson.....sigh, it is what it is right? ah well! and look the Blog has a new look! as much as I liked the other look, it came to my attention that the image was someone else's and didn't have open rights to be used, well I was pretty upset, angry, and disappointed but then again I guess live and learn....so I cleared the whole thing, every scrap of it where ever it was, was deleted.....and now! we have this new look courtesy of one of my closest sisters! She worked her butt off on fixing this for me and I am so thankful! when I showed the picture to my old guy and young guy they both asked the same question....can we go live in that house? so yes it is the perfect Witch's Chamber for us.

 OH OH before I forget! I have a giveaway going on the Facebook page available here Witch's Chamber for the winner will be a Dragon Chalice in their choice of color

So much still to say but next time! 

Blessings all! 
<3 Tess <3

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