22 April 2014

Positive Proud Witch

Today I planted my feet on the ground, barefeet and grass! oh my I was in heaven, the pull from the Earth was so strong I felt it immediately like I had suddenly plugged myself into the largest power source of all, and I had.....in that moment I stood and just let the energy flow through me as I looked to the sky hands outstretched, loving the connection of Father Sky and Mother Earth at that moment! The flow of eternal life and cycle of love was amazing, the connection is what I live for.......me, the witch I feel most alive in that connection right there than I do with anyone.....it is the truest connection for me to the Divine, and after the last while I so needed the connection!

I know we all got shit going on, and well let's just say it has been a long hard winter for many of us, me on levels that I just so never want to discuss beyond saying you all just don't know! On top of poverty issues that have been ongoing for a couple of years and after all the health problems with me and my son's brain tumor this last year as well, then we had the death of my beloved red rocket as she sits there miserably waiting for me to be able to afford to fix her again, to top all that off we had the hand injury to my husband.....that is ALOT of crap for one woman to deal with! but I coped, I whined a bit to those that I know I can trust to understand that I just sometimes need to let my pressure valve go, because no matter how much of a COMPETENT witch I am I am still very human and need to allow myself to let the energies flow through so they can leave, but all in all I think I handled this shit with class, took my lumps, laid in my own bed and kept trudging through the literal shit, hoping it would get better.  I shared some of my struggles with all, but mainly only my inner circle has any idea how bad this last winter has been for us, so if you think I complained alot well then let's just say you don't know shit, I could have gone on and on and on trust me when I say this, but I didn't!

I purposely worked on retraining my very human mind to keep reaching for the positive part of every bad thing, situation or even person that I ran into.....I purposely wrote and posted things on my page that would help me and anyone else following along stay positive, I did not do this because I was a witch, I did this because I am human and needed to find a way to reinforce in myself a positive mindset.....an awareness of the literal silver lining in everything.....albeit silver wire many times that helped me find it.  Then yesterday morning on one of my usual daily shares I received a borderline comment, I debated what to do with it and decided to respond and be nice.......again not as a witch just as a human, that understands sometimes other humans need to vent their ugly on someone else cause well it makes them feel better about themselves, its human nature.......on I went with my day.  Last night I shared something else, ironically about haters, and low and behold the same person and the comment was even worse than the first.....this time aimed at not all humans, but at witches specifically......I wondered what to do at that point....banned, removed, unbanned, unhide, then outrage kinda struck a chord and banned and removed was the final decision, truth is my page, my Witch's Chamber is my place to be me, to share with others and to foster a place of strength, growth, positive vibes with a grain of sarcasm, but it will never be a place of negativity and derailing of others dreams or paths, not my space that I work at so hard....not in my lifetime.

So here is what I have to say today to haters.....I AM a Witch, I am a damn proud one, like many others that I consider to be a part of my circle....I have said before and will reiterate for good measure I am not a white witch, black witch or red witch or whatever other color you want to attribute to what I am I AM a Witch, working with both hands on both ends of the spectrum and hell NO it is not a path that you dedicate months to and expect to know it is a lifetime decision....there is no walking away once you open that energy, there is no choosing not to be a witch if you are, all you are doing then is stifling what is natural in yourself......on the thought that because you dedicated  "months" to research and felt no one would answer your questions, well it takes a lot more dedication, self growth, realizations, strength, love of self and others to be able to call yourself witch....it is not a label to be slapped on temporarily or without thought towards the energies you are opening yourself up to.....being a Witch is not for the faint hearted or those that think part time witchcraft ever works.....it is a bond between you and the Craft, that is right the almighty Craft......the crafting of energies, of love, of life....the Gods, the Mother, one of respect for all living beings, it is a LIFETIME thing.......and for me it is a generational one, that covers me, my ancestors and my kids as they grow....this is who I am, who I have fought to be and I will never pretend to be anything else.

Maybe witch is just not for you, or maybe it is but you need to fix the human side first....just a thought.....but hell I am just an old witch what would I know.....you in your infinite wisdom spent months learning what I have lived my entire life, you must be right and I must be wrong....yep ego hey there you are! you must have been hiding where the apostrophe on the page went! small minds, huge egos!

I could go on and on but would rather leave you all with something much more positive than these human ego issues.....look life! in the bleeding heart beds! yay! 

The Witch's Bleeding Hearts
Happy Earth Day!


  1. The first step towards a positive life is claiming the right to be. It seems you're stepping. I'm glad. ♥

  2. thank you Magaly I am....and the support of you and the rest of my circle has been invaluable to me in keeping me stepping firmly forward! I never forget <3