03 October 2013

Elemental Dragons - Let us start with Gold

Just about two weeks ago or so I was commissioned to make some special chalices, now I have been working on a set of 6 Elemental Dragon Chalices since then and it has been a wild, extreme ride so far.  As I started this project I really expected that it was no different than any other magical work I have ever done.  I connect to the energies and create, simple right? yes?

NO not so simple this time, Dragons they are different. I have worked with many Goddess' and Gods through my path work and through this walk, I have come across many of different types, feelings that were interesting and intricate and with each one yes I have found another missing piece of the puzzle as if each commission has come as much to show and teach me as to provide something for the person requesting it, but the Dragons well they have overwhelmed me, taken over, so strong their energy is.  It is unlike anything I have ever felt before....for years I have worked with them on the fringe of everything I do, not like this.  I have always kept a small section of my garden for my Dragons, collected water from its cup and used it as needed for protection and coverage, but this well this is just so different, now I am intimately acquainted with each one as I work with them.....I do not think this is something I can ever forget or be the same from.  They are intense, they are clearing and they are totally and completely encompassing.

Let me take you on a little bit of the journey so far and what it has produced, with of course permission from the client and sister that has me creating these beautiful pieces.....first there came the Gold Dragon...so strong, so feminine, so beautiful, soothing, protective....I saw her claw in my mind for almost a week at first, the colors mingling golds and yellows, finally asked my friend what colors of claws she wanted......when she told me I understood what I had been seeing........She ~the Dragon~ showed me a love I had never felt or seen before, something beyond a love of self, of others, of life, just something so pure so strong, this gold clawed Dragon which I let into my heart showed me that I was also strong, protective, that I walk a path that is unlike anyone else's, I am not to be part of one particular belief, I am me and I walk amongst many.....the certificate that hangs above me as I work suddenly very prominent in my mind.....regardless of what comes I am here for a specific purpose on this world, to be a bridge to walk with many and choose none as the only......I am here to be that Interfaith Minister that I started to walk towards about 5yrs ago, I need to keep on that path......yes I am a devotee of my own chosen Deities but I am not here to "convert" anyone else I am here simply to honor and respect the others as they walk their path, providing support where I can, encouragement when needed and always love.  The Gold Dragon she stays with me, she's got my back so to speak and I am so happy to have her join me on my walk, even though something tells me she has been there all along.........

The revelations did not stop there, when she was done, I sat with her, I hesitated to share her pictures on the page, I wanted April to be the first to see her, but she wanted to be shown, she was proud of her look and so was I.........She helped me heal many of the wounds that I found still festering in there, from the others along the way......She showed me all I needed to be and where I needed to go........and here I go.....

Now the energy of the Dragons spurred me on to the next one.....the Red Dragon....Fire......
he is a story for the next instalment!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading - and seeing - your work. Everything linked as in a spider's web, as intricate and beautiful, too. Continue on your journey, Sister dear, and be well. XOXO BB