22 October 2013

Mushrooms and Circles

About two months ago I started working with polymer mushrooms, for whatever reason I woke up one day and just started creating them.....all colors and types, spotted not spotted......all I could see was mushrooms and these little tiny settings.  As my hands started to create these little snippets of places filled with magic, the more I saw.....and the more the mushrooms around our property started to show up.  A few here and there at first, but all seemed to be at the corners of the property, little clusters of mushrooms......I noticed the first clump on my walk to check on the chippy feeding grounds and I was amazed at how they were growing in the driest part of the property, then the next week I noticed them under our large trees out front as the boy wanted to hide to surprise Papa.  At that point I decided ok the Fae must be happy with their homes and are protecting mine how wonderful!

Well then that is when things started to get interesting! I was standing on the back deck and could see this large mass in the lawn out back by the rose gardens, it kind of looked strange and made me want to go back there and check it out.  There was this large mushroom, almost looked like the ones I was creating in the house and putting in my gardens, but much much larger, it looked kinda glowy which I put down to the setting sun.......I decided to make that area off limits to everyone else, let that mushroom grow I told everyone and they did.....that was about a month ago.  Time marched on and I had alot on my plate and my mind and truthfully watched the mushroom grow from the back window but didn't go back there much especially with all the rain we were getting, then this weekend I went back there and had a look and what I found amazed me!

Looks like the Fae moved in, I am so enjoying now watching these grow and fill in, laying on the ground and taking these pictures all I could hear was chirping, such beauty and detail.......my heart is full with love for the Fae and so glad they have decided to grace my life with their presence and make it so very clear!  Cannot wait to see what happens next and how many of these pop up, but for I can already see the Fae Circle in the grass, I am already happy, blissful truthfully.........now to get the mundane on the same page! I have a feeling the Fae are here to lend a hand........

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