06 March 2015

Relationships, have you figured out the MOST Important one yet?

Relationships, now that is a loaded word.....when you say it everyone always thinks of love relationships, spousal or partner relationships, I sometimes wonder how many stop to consider that we are in constant relationship with everything and everyone we meet....that's right every interaction is a form of relationship.....one of the definitions of the word itself is the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other ~ found on Googleso everyday when you deal with people you are in a form of relationship, how you regard them and choose to actually interact with them that is all up to you....yes you.....then there is the even more important relationship, the one I hope you understand after this blog that does not actually involve two people.....but first things first, change your ideas about the word relationship.....

How many people do you know that spent years and years preparing for their career and life's ambition, they took enormous amounts of time to learn what they needed to know to do what they chose for themselves, true right? Understandable right? yup! Now that same person now gets a job in their chosen career, wonderful! now they must learn the inner policies of that position, what is acceptable and what is not, what is expected and what is not, this all seems about right and very fair.....and we invest years honing our trade, gaining experience and understanding about what we do, what we love and many times a huge part of who we are, and maybe someday you realize that you have been in relationship with that part of your life for years, with your job yes, with your passions yes, with those people at work yes, even with the ones that you aren't quite keen on yes you have been in relationship with them....and where it did not work you learnt to change your inner wiring to accommodate the needs of that relationship, as much as you could without compromising who you are on an inner level, so you accepted that to work together with others positively and promote a team connection that you needed to make compromises that work for all concerned, we all agree that is an ideal work environment, an ideal working relationship....do you not agree with this? have you not experienced it in your own life? take a moment then to wonder why we will give so much of our time and energy to this aspect of relationship but we have less time and much less of an air of compromise in our more intimate relationships......there we seem to more inflexible and unwilling to flow with sometimes needed changes and adjustments....why is that?

Does it not strike anyone else that we have all had our minds changed to value things in a much different way than we should have been? For example, I have an amazing relationship with my wire, I have not been trained to do it but the wire bends under my fingers with little effort, one tool and one cutter is all I use and I attribute this all to my relationship with the Gods and I can say it was not until I changed the value system in my heart that the relationship of my dreams found me. One day I just woke up, I wish I could be clear on when it happened, when I woke up and just knew my heart was clear, that somehow I had found the healing I needed, but I can't all I can tell you is that the advice I give is because I have lived it, the words I share are the ones that I feel as I look back....they are the words I share with my children before I share them with you. Somewhere along the way our wiring got totally screwed, the feminists will blame the males, the males will blame the females, the Christians will blame Pagans and vice versa...and the blame shift can go on and on....for me I think we all just need to accept we are here, in this fucked up state of existence when what you do is more important than who you are inside, hell so many don't even have a clue as to who they are and even sadder is the fact that they don't care to find out. My point is there is plenty of time to analyze it all after the fact but right now let's get our asses in gear and change our victimhood wiring that is so prevalent in all of us.....we are victims of everything in life, this is somehow where we have ended up, and I know by saying this I am going to get someones knickers in a knot but damn it is the truth, and the only way out is to face it in our lives where we are subconcsiously accepting this wiring as truth.....where ever that may be! be honest with yourself, you do not need to be honest with anyone else, but please be honest with yourself; then! well then! get up and change that wiring, do it every morning before your feet touch the floor, tell yourself that you are in control of your life, you can invite good, positive and inspiring energy into your life......YES YOU CAN! truth is no one else can do it for you....I can write blog after blog about this, I can post meme after meme on Witch's Chamber till I am literally blue in the fingers, and it will not change one iota for you, unless you choose to change your wiring yourself, recognizing it is the first step......it won't be easy but it is YOUR mind is it not about time you control how it process' the events around you? your mind is powerful beyond belief, all you really need to do is decide that you want to have a better relationship with YOU, with YOUR mind, YOUR life......how about if we were all to put some of that dedication we put into our careers and jobs into ourselves? into our relationship with our own inner core?

Of course I am not by any means a psychology guru, counsellor or physician of any sort; I am simply an old witch  with six children and have spent a lifetime listening and helping where I could with those that had lost their own way, all the while finding my own path materialising under my feet.....some will not agree with these thoughts and that is fine, one thing I have realized along the way is that no one will change their wiring until they are good and ready, I am fully ok with that! What is right for me is not always right for everyone else and I expect that but for even maybe the 1% out there that this can help well I will continue to post and share my story.....every once in a while someone shoots me a message and reaffirms that they found some comfort in the words, and that it helped them find their way on their own journey in this life and me well, if you know me then you know that makes me smile deep down to the heart.

So remember! wake up each day and thank the Gods, thank YOUR Goddess, the Universe or whatever you believe in, find something to be grateful for, most of all remember to be happy to be you....send some good, feel some good and THEN get up and let the rest of the world in. Invest some time being in relationship with yourself, there is no more rewarding love than the love that you shower on yourself, think of all those people you love and how happy it makes them when you show them love? what makes you think you do not deserve that in your own life? now that's right go about loving yourself!

I send you good thoughts, love and support in this next step of the #AvalancheofGood

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