19 September 2013

It only gets better from here......

Standing under the old apple tree, the bark all gnarled from years and years of producing sweet fruit.  The silence around her starts to seem loud.  Like a patron at the Opera, there to see the main stage gets distracted by the Orchestra.  She slowly quiets her mind, one by one, thought by thought, she becomes aware of the distant cricket, busy living his life.  The sounds start to separate and come into tune, the chaos of sounds now gone, their melodic tune now fills the air as her heart stops racing.  In her moments of fear she comes here, to this bark, this connection, the love that flows here is her cure all.

She is eccentric, eclectic, different, exotic and unlike anything he has ever known, it is no wonder they try so hard to pull them apart, tear her down hoping he will see the error of his ways....or maybe they hope to break the 'spell' he is under.  They look and stare, whisper and snicker as she walks through town wearing her black hat, smiling at her man, glowing love for him and him for her, and the others they glare.  It must be magic, sorcery they say! her long dark wild hair, holey and tattered clothing, she does not fit in to the church ladies groups, does the man not see that this woman is not from here, not like him? they think as long as they don't say it to her she can't possibly know, but she does.  It always makes her a bit sad to feel their judgments hanging high on her, because she openly loves her man, while they do it they miss experiencing their own lives........when will people learn?

Startled from her thoughts, she knows he is near, she can feel him, he makes no sound as he comes up behind her, as silent as the scorpion that he is.  His arm slides around her waist and pulls her back to him, close, tight, his breath warm on her neck.  There is no resistance, as the current races through her, so many years and still with one touch, it is explosive.

"The moon, she is extra bright tonite...." he trails off as he looks at the beautiful Harvest Moon, full, round and glowing.

Snuggling in closer to him she whispers "Aye she is" deeper into those arms, without fail always there.

The years of memories flood between them, energies feeding each other without a word, silently, flowing from one to the other, the years have been many but have felt like they have flown by, only a creak in a bone ever reminds that it has been many, for the passion flows as fiercely now as then....the number of years no longer matter, it has become stories and moments strung together.  Darkness falls around them, standing embraced, with their backs to the fire, enjoying the gap in the trees that allows for the view of the beautiful mountain behind them.  As each moment passes every single cell in her body feels the current infiltrate it, a warm glow starting to emanate from her every pore......her breath changes, her bottom lip trembles as she breathes in......he knows, his arms pull her in closer, she moans, she is ready for him, always, anywhere, anytime.....he is her drug, her hit of bliss....her hillbilly heroin.... The silver rays of the moon rain down as arms and legs entwine, the blanket of the earth envelops them.  The energies rise in crescendo with the orchestra around them, changing their tempo, more, the air becomes electric and the fire responds behind them crackling alive.....and the wind shows her approval.

Laying in his arms, flushed, catching her breath, spent , blissful, he smiles...."you are amazing" she tells him as she drapes her arm across his bare chest.

"no it's all you....." he smiles his dreamy smile, kisses her deeply and looks in her dark eyes, his a stunning blue "if every man knew what I know and feel, they would go find themselves a witch to fall in love with too"

"awe baby I love you....."  and they slept there in each others arms till the sun broke through the mists.....taking on the world together....it only gets better from here!

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