07 September 2013

Moments of Truth

As we start again on this path of less, we are forced to sit, the two of us discussing the realities of our situation again.  Right now the freezer is full and the pantry is half stocked, a far cry from the emptiness of not long ago.  As we sit discussing what and how we need to survive and prepare for the winter I find such moments of clarity, truth, and illumination that it brings me to the verge of tears.

As much as it shames me to admit, I really did not live up to my commitments.  I had the best of intentions and although I always tried to do the right thing, many times I failed miserably at doing it in a timely fashion.  I am not looking to excuse myself for it, but offering my truthful remorse.  I know where I went wrong, and why, not proud of it.  It was a terrible cycle that we fell into. Overwhelmed with decisions that were crushing to the spirit, it will not be repeated. Lesson learnt.

The last few years have taught us all so much.  Just when we thought we had learnt and would just coast along rebuilding, we found the next lesson.  In the midst of our discussion we both realize the most important of lessons we have learnt, the value of love. The love we have for each other builds, its one we know is a once in a lifetime kind of experience.  There is magic in every moment of it, that is the cycle that we are hopping onto now.

That's right we are choosing our next cycle this time.  We are choosing to hitch our wagon to happiness, fulfilment and abundance in all things.  We are actually stirring our cauldron of life, choosing positive thoughts that leave worry behind.

"Let go....trust and believe, do not worry, your needs will be met."
the message we both heard loud and clear
hand in hand we stir the cauldron 
together we stand

In goes the love
around goes the ladle

In goes the strength
around goes the ladle

In goes faith
once again goes the ladle

In this moment of time
Let there be abundance mine

As I so wish, it shall be.

The fire cackles, and the heavens rumble, for both of us signs of our wishes and petitions heard.  Hand in hand our life continues, our love is our measure.

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